Perfect Health System
Perfect Health System
Perfect Health System
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Bestselling author Gary Null offers two revolutionary new programs to feel younger, stronger and healthier than ever before. America's leading alternative health expert draws on exhaustive research and testing to offer an anti-aging regimen that has transformed the bodies and mental outlook of countless individuals. Grounded in the latest science on how and why the body ages, Gary Null teaches the safest, most effective ways for listeners to detoxify the body, fortify the immune system and rebuild bones and muscles through nutrition and exercise. Providing detailed information on the best supplements, nutrients and alternative therapies to fight dozens of age-related ailments, these two programs offer this bestselling author's secrets to longevity and youth as it teaches listeners to: Correct biological imbalances and practice new methods of stress reduction Find tasty diet alternatives and avoid items in any diet that are literally toxic to our systems Change their perspective from unintentional self-sabotage to total self-fulfillment Embrace the changes they'll make in their lives as they make better decisions Master a wealth of new ideas to fulfill a healthy, vibrant lifestyle

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