Vault of the Heavens
Vault of the Heavens
Vault of the Heavens
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Since the beginning of recorded history, and likely for much longer than that, humankind has gazed to the heavens for clues to the most fundamental mysteries about our place in the universe. In the modern age, when the science of astronomy has replaced mythology as the primary tool for interpreting the heavens, we continue to search the skies for answers as we tumble through the solar system. In this remarkable course, award-winning astronomer James Kaler, moving outward from our vantage point on Earth, explains the workings of the planets and sun and shows how this knowledge provides remarkable insights into the mechanics of the universe at large.


We and the Universe
Reflections of the Spinning Earth
Sun and Seasons
Stories in the Sky: Constellations
Romance of the Moon
Happy Wanderers: The Planets
Keeping It All Together
Reaching Outward
Our Domain: Earth and the Moon
Iron Planets: Mercury, Venus, and Mars
Monsters of the Midway: Jupiter and Saturn
Distant Outposts: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto
Leftovers of Creation: Comets, Asteroids, and Meteors

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