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All of New Life Clinics hypnosis Cds are narrated by Dr. Robert G. Dean who holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Hypnotherapy. He is a board certified hypnotherapist who is renowned for his relaxing voice and skill. To further soothe the listener for an enjoyable hypnotherapy session, appropriate relaxing music is softly heard in the background as Dr. Dean speaks to you. His techniques narrated on each C.D. are the most effective we have encountered. Thousands of Dr. Dean's tapes and CD's are currently in use nationwide, and have proven to be extremely effective and safe.

* Disk  1: First Step to Weight Reduction
* Disk  2: Weight Management
* Disk  3: Increase Self-Esteem
* Disk  4: Exercise Motivation
* Disk  5: Stop Smoking
* Disk  6: Relief From Stress and Tension
* Disk  7: Freedom From Depression
* Disk  8: Sexual Enhancement
* Disk  9: Sleep
* Disk 10: Hypnoanesthesia Pain Relief
* Facts You Should Know About Hypnotherapy.

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