The Lees Of Happiness
The Lees Of Happiness
The Lees Of Happiness
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The Lees of Happiness is a classic short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald from The Tales of the Jazz Age collection.

This short story was first published in the Chicago Tribune in 1922.

"Of this story I can say that it came to me in an irresistible form, crying to be written,"- the author wrote. -

"It will be accused perhaps of being a mere piece of sentimentality, but, as I saw it, it was a great deal more. If, therefore, it lacks the ring of sincerity, or even, of tragedy, the fault rests not with the theme but with my handling of it.

I believe, the quadruple gold laurel leaf or some such encomium from one of the anthologists who at present swarm among us. The gentleman I refer to runs as a rule to stark melodramas with a volcano or the ghost of John Paul Jones in the role of Nemesis, melodramas carefully disguised by early paragraphs in Jamesian manner which hint dark and subtle complexities to follow. On this order: "The case of Shaw McPhee, curiously enough, had no hearing on the almost incredible attitude of Martin Sulo.

This is parenthetical and, to at least three observers, whose names for the present I must conceal, it seems improbable, etc., etc., etc.," until the poor rat of fiction is at last forced out into the open and the melodrama begins."

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