Modern optical engineering
Modern optical engineering
Modern optical engineering
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Modern optical engineering download

Smith W.J. ebook

"The most valuable reference text available today to those working in the field."
--Bruce H. Walker, Walker Associates, Southampton, MA

--R.R. Shannon, Professor Emeritus, Optical Sciences Center, University of Arizona; author of The Art and Science of Optical Design Smith's Classic, for Millennium Three

*Expanded coverage of diffractive and replicated optics
*Lens design in depth
*Testing and fabrication updates
*Updates on IR and illumination systems, detectors, scanners, and image quality
*More on radiometry
*Computer aids*Wave front aberration verses PSF and Strehe ratio
*Smith's own "Rules of Thumb"
*Current developments
*Electronic version of the complete book on CD-ROM

About the Author Warren J. Smith, chief scientist at Kaiser Electro-Optics and an independent consultant, is one of the most widely known writers and educators in the field of optical design. He is the author of Modern Optical Engineering, Modern Lens Design, and Practical Optical System Layout. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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