Emotions, stress, and health
Emotions, stress, and health
Emotions, stress, and health
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Emotions, stress, and health free

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"Written for both educated lay people and professionals, Emotions, Stress, and Health will be particularly exciting to researchers and practitioners since it provides a conceptually clean and consistent summary of the approach. There simply is no comparable book on the market; since this 'two-dimensional' model is at the cutting-edge of emotion research, Zautra's exciting book has no competitors."-Metapsychology Online Review

"Writing in a clear and engaging style, Zautra presents a well-organized argument that positive emotions have physical and psychological consequences and need to be examined in their own right alongside the negative emotionsHis arguments are convincing, creative, and stimulating-and based on sound empirical research."CHOICE

"Zautra challenges us to face the paradox of emotions by reflecting upon our ability to integrate positive and negative in a two-dimensional, relational field."--The Irish Psychologist

"Provides many interesting and important aspects of how an individual's life is impacted by a variety of emotions and stress. The book is easy to read, and exceptionally relevant to TR (therapeutic recreation) practitioners, researchers, particularly those interested in psychiatry, geriatrics, and mental health...The use of up to date research to support the information on stress, emotions and their impact on health makes this a must-have for the TR student, practitioner, or researcher."--Therpeutic Recreation Journal

Alex J. Zautra is Foundation Professor of Clinical and Health Psychology at Arizona State University. He has dedicated his career to the study of resilience. His current research is funded by grants from the National Institute on Aging, the National Institute of Arthritis, Musculoskeletal, and Skin Diseases, and the Arthritis Foundation.

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