Scales of Gold: The Fourth Book of The House of Niccolò
Scales of Gold: The Fourth Book of The House of Niccolò
Scales of Gold: The Fourth Book of The House of Niccolò
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Scales of Gold: The Fourth Book of The House of Niccolò ebook

Dorothy Dunnett pdf

From the glassworks of Murano to the commercial hub of Timbuktu--and through fearsome peril on land and sea--entrepreneurship, religion, gold fever, friendship and revenge fuel this rich historical romance from a masterful raconteur. In 1464, adventurer and merchant banker Nicholas van der Pole (hero of three previous Dunnett novels) returns to Venice to find his financial empire in jeopardy due to the Crusades and the onslaught of powerful, unscrupulous competitors. Closely guarding the specifics of his mission, Nicholas sets out for Africa and its gold trade, taking with him his closest friend Loppe, guide and former slave; Father Godscalc, a would-be missionary to Ethiopia; Diniz, his impetuous young cousin; and Gelis van Borselen, a strong, brilliant woman who blames Nicholas for the death of her sister. Relying on Nicholas's unflappability, his instinct for leadership and especially his ever-calculating intelligence, the unlikely group make their way deep into the continent's perilous, uncharted interior. Moving briskly from thick jungles to barren deserts to opulent salons throughout Europe, Dunnett ( Race of Scorpions ) fills each page with wit and winning detail.
Copyright 1992 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to the edition. Medieval entrepreneurial whiz Nicholas van der Poele now finds gold, uncharted African territories, and inner peace in the Sahara desert--in this fourth novel in a series that began with Niccol• Rising (1986). Returning to Venice from Cyprus, Nicholas the dyemaker's apprentice, who by 24 has become one of Europe's great merchant- bankers, finds the bank he founded in trouble and his own reputation beset with rumors. Enemies (and he has naturally a great many) are claiming that he murdered trading rival Simon St. Pol's wife Katelina, as well as seduced Simon's nephew Diniz. The Turks are also threatening to retake their lost lands; Venice itself needs money; and arch-banking-rivals want to destroy Nicholas, which is just the sort of situation he thrives on. Through complex maneuvers and deals, he manages to arrange an expedition via the sea route to the south to find gold and the legendary kingdom of Prester John in Ethiopia. The expedition that sets off from Madeira includes beautiful but feisty Gelis, Katelina's younger sister bent on avenging her murder; Loppe, the freed black slave who has promised to lead Nicholas to the fabled gold mines of Africa; Bel, a formidable Scotswoman; and Father Godscale, who hopes to make Christian converts. In Africa, Nicholas fights his rivals; is appalled by the slave trade; treks (with Loppe as his guide) to fabulous Timbuktu, where he is tempted to linger; makes an arduous but futile search for Prester John; and returns to Venice via the Sahara desert--the setting of a significant epiphany--with enough gold and heroic reputation to restore his fortunes. Only true love is elusive as Nicholas, prepared to settle down and raise a family, finds unexpected obstacles--so presumably there's a lot more adventure still ahead for our hero. Great stuff for all Dunnett fans. -- Copyright ©1992, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved. --This text refers to the edition.

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| 5 out of 5 Stars!

This is the fourth volume in the eight part House of Niccolo series. The House of Niccolo is definitely a series best read in order: the history, the intricate plotting and the characters develop throughout the series and the connections between the books can only be appreciated if read in sequence.

In this volume (covering 1464 to 1468), Nicholas returns to Venice from Cyprus and is met by a watchful reception and an attack. Nicholas's company is threatened with bankruptcy and those for whom he cares are also in danger. Nicholas embarks on a mission of his own: he will journey to the heart of Africa, to the fabled land of Prester John in search of the River of Gold. Nicholas is accompanied by some of the characters we have met in earlier novels and his life is, of course, complicated by various events along the way. From Venice to Timbuktu and all manner of places in between, Nicholas is acquiring wealth in all its forms, but will it be enough?

As is the case in earlier novels, the pages are action filled, the research is impeccable and the journey is fraught with danger and discovery. As a first time reader, reading these books as they were published, I agonised over the choices Nicholas had to make and wondered what would happen next. As a serial re-reader (I confess), I find new aspects to enjoy and admire in every read.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

First of all, let me encourage everyone reading this not to make the mistake of one of the other reviewers and read this book out of sequence! Dunnett's books are not like other books in a series where the order doesn't matter much. It does in this and the Lymond series.

I loved this book. I stayed up half the night last night to finish it even though I have huge graduate school exams in 2 days. Although I have loved the previous 3 in this serious, I didn't feel that Niccolo grabbed me in the way Lymond did until this book. In it Nicholas travels from Europe to Africa in search of the riches that will restore business and prestige to his Bank, which has been hurt by the dogged persecution of a new, powerful rival. With him go his priest, Goldscalc, friend Loppe, cousin Diniz, enemy Gelis, sister to the dead Katelina, and Diniz's mother's companion Bel, who comes along to watch out for Gelis and Diniz. This book is about Nicholas finding himself and peace, without reference to his family ties (?) with de Riberac and St. Pol. Never for a moment think that this peace won't be interrupted. This is Dorothy Dunnett, after all. I, too, was shocked and felt cheated by the cliffhanger, seemingly inexplicable, and out-of-character ending. BUT, Dunnett thrives on those feelings, as do her true fans. I have complete faith in Ms. Dunnett's ability to weave the rest of the series in such a way as makes everything before and since this book come together tightly, as in one of the expertly woven Charrety cloths.

Enjoy this book, the rest of the series, and read Lymond next if you haven't already!

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

Warning: don't even think about attempting to finish "Scales of Gold" without having "Unicorn Hunt" sitting right next to you. Probably the most amazing cliffhanger ever written. As someone on a discussion list said, "I don't know how all of you who read the series as it was published survived two years without medication."

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