Voice and Articulation , Fifth Edition
Voice and Articulation , Fifth Edition
Voice and Articulation , Fifth Edition
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Voice and Articulation , Fifth Edition free

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PART I: VOICE. 1. Motivation and Expectation. 2. Breathing. 3. The Voice. 4. Vocal Relaxation. 5. Common Voice Problems. PART II: SPEECH. 6. The Production of Vowels. 7. The Production of Consonants. 8. Pronunciation. 9. Vocal Dynamics. 10. Kinetics. 11. Application to the Speech Occasion. 12. The Four Major Dialects of American English. 13. Stage Speech and Selected Foreign Accents. APPENDICES: A. English Pronunciation for Asian-Language Speakers. B. News Copy and Commercials. C. Voice and Speech Evaluation Forms. GLOSSARY. INDEX OF NAMES AND TOPICS. INDEX OF AUTHORS AND SELECTIONS. Professor Crannell is a performer and speech consultant. His PhD is from Northwestern University.

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| 5 out of 5 Stars!

Ten years later, this book still comes in handy! Everything from accent reduction to improving the quality of your speaking voice is covered in Dr. Crannell's text. I highly recommend this book to anyone who uses his/her voice often- particularly for work. Voice and Articulation would also be extremely useful for a person studying English as a second language. This is one book you need when it comes to the voice and how it is used/misused.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

This text has become the guide and standard that other authors are using in updating their books on the same subject! Crannell's analysis and exercises for accent reduction have been especially helpful to me in my work with international clients. The additional material on voice and presentation is of great value for everyone looking to improve their oral skills. The format of the book provides "lectures", vocal exercises, listening skills and practical homework to habituate new skills. This is a real gem for educators, performers or business communicaton professionals.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

This is an outstanding step-by-step guide to voice improvement. Each chapter includes clear explanations and instructions, illustrations, and loads of practice sentences to help one develop "career" speech. I have used this book as a student, instructor, and actor for many years with great success. Although most people may use this textbook to improve vocal tone and articulation, it is also an outstanding resource for actors who need to acquire an accent or dialect for a role. The large section on stage dialects and foreign accents shows the appropriate sound substitutions needed and includes practice exercises for each accent; actors will find this particularly useful. So, whether you want to improve your voice, or instruct a course in voice and diction, or prepare for the stage or screen, this is the one book you must have.

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