The Eagleton Reader
The Eagleton Reader
The Eagleton Reader
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Type: eBook
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Page Count: 464
Format: pdf
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0631202498
ISBN-13: 9780631202493

The Eagleton Reader pdf

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"Every student of English will be thankful to Regan for assembling this Reader. Useful essays frame each section and the collection as a whole serves as a splendid introduction to Eagleton's work. His delightful wit and debunking similes make reading him fun, as well as necessary."
Gary Day, Times Higher Education Supplement "As this anthology makes clear, Eagleton's work has been held together for nearly 20 years by a startling proposal for the reform of the academic syllabus."
"If the humanities are to be rescued from their current state of over-specialised torpor, then Eagleton's work will be one of the main sources to which the reformers will turn." Morning Star In The Eagleton Reader, Stephen Regan presents a lively and judicious selection of Terry Eagleton's essays, lectures and reviews, demonstrating the breadth and incisiveness of Eagleton's critical judgements, his playful, ironic intelligence, and his provocative intervention in the cultural debates of the past thirty years. This Reader is a valuable introduction to Eagleton's stimulating and entertaining work on modernism and postmodernism, nationalism and colonialism, aesthetics and ideology, cultural politics and sexual politics.

Reader includes a prefatory survey of its subject's career, extensive introductions to each of the six sections of essays, and a comprehensive bibliography of writings by and about Terry Eagleton.

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