Photoshop 7 Killer Tips
Photoshop 7 Killer Tips
Photoshop 7 Killer Tips
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Type: eBook
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Page Count: 240
Format: epub
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0735713006
ISBN-13: 9780735713000
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Photoshop 7 Killer Tips download

Scott Kelby free

This book is like a nutritious dessert. For many people, the sidebar tips sprinkled throughout most software books are the best part, so much so that they read all of them first. Photoshop 7 Killer Tips is a whole book of cool sidebar tips--without the sidebars. It won't replace a good user manual and it may not have the best organization, but it'll certainly help make you a speedier and happier Photoshop user.

d, s, or c when in a Save dialog box instead of the respective buttons). Each tip can shave a few seconds to several minutes off of your work time, and impress friends and colleagues to boot.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 kind of funny. For example, he writes, "Is this book for you? Are you kidding? This book is so for you that it secretly freaks you out."

Killer Tips will also come in handy in other rooms where people enjoy reading material while, ahem, sitting for short periods. Why waste a minute when you can learn how to make a "reusable diagonal guide"! --Angelynn Grant The hottest collection of cool tips and hidden secrets for the pro that needs results FAST. Professional-level material, with content that appeals to multiple-book-buying professionals. Photoshop 7 Killer Tips is a HUGE bang in a small, accessible package. When it comes to Photoshop, time is money. This book is all about speed; showing the Photoshop professional how to get more work done faster, while actually increasing quality. The whole concept is to help make the reader faster and more productive than ever in Photoshop 7. In an ever-tightening and competitive marketplace, this kind of book is sorely needed.

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| 5 out of 5 Stars!

All we can say for Photoshop 7 Killer Tips is... GET IT NOW! Do not hesitate, do not wait. Just go out and buy it now - PERIOD!

This book will teach you tips that will save time on your very next project. The book is for both beginners and advanced users, however advanced users will be heard frequently saying "DOH!" while reading, as the book covers things we now do the hard way (aka bad habits) every day in Photoshop.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

If you are looking for a 'How To' book, you may want to pick up one of the other fantastic Photoshop books recently published (my current favorite is Bert Monroy's - Wow! a must have for anyone looking for in depth Photoshop tips!).

This book is a real treat! Even advanced users will find tips in here that will make them slap their heads and say 'Jeesh, I wish I had known that years ago!'

I admit that at first, going through the very first few pages, it seemed there would not be much for someone already familiar with Photoshop. Then I read a tip about finding the center of any document. This is something that can be done fairly easily, but it takes a few minutes and time wasted is money lost!

It turns out (as some of you probably know) all you have to do is have snap to guide turned on, create a new layer, fill it with your foreground color, drag a guide from the horizontal ruler - it automatically will snap to the center - and finally, drag a vertical guide - it too will snap to the center. Time saved and a perfectly positioned center of your document has been created in less then 30 seconds!

Photoshop 7 Killer Tips is FULL of what I call Golden Nuggets just like this. It is a lot of fun to pick up the book and open it randomly. It never takes more then turning two or three pages before one of those slap your forehead tips presents itself.

Have fun while you build your PS skills! Leslie

| 4 out of 5 Stars!

Killer Tips
AUTHOR: Scott Kelby and Felix Nelson
REVIEWED BY: Barbara Rhoades

BOOK REVIEW: Photoshop 7, Killer Tips is a wonderful book chock full of quick tips on using Photoshop. Each is given half of one page so the information is in concise form. You won't have to read a chapter to find out how to do the tip. Also, each tip contains at least one graphic to visually explain what is going on.

The down side of this book is the way the Chapters are named and the tips indexed. If you are looking for a specific topic, you better know how the authors think because the Chapters have such names as Greased Lightnin' and Fast & Furious. While these names are cute, they do nothing to help a reader locate what they need.

Also the names of each tip in the Chapters are not listed in alphabetical order. For example, the first tip in Chapter 5, Fast & Furious is Zoom Out for Sharper Web Images and the second to last is Exercising Your Influence on GIFs. Neither Zoom or Exercising tells you what the tip is about; you have to read the whole name. So even if they were in alphabetical order, it wouldn't help.

The bottom line: Get the book if you want to do some reading to locate your needs. It has all kinds of wonderful tips; it is just not labeled well.

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