My Windows Phone 7
My Windows Phone 7
My Windows Phone 7
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Language: English
ISBN-10: 0789748258
ISBN-13: 9780789748256

My Windows Phone 7 free

Brien Posey ebook

Step-by-step instructions with callouts to Windows Phone 7 photos so that you can see exactly what to do


Help when you run into Windows Phone 7problems or limitations


Tips and Notes to help you get the most from yourWindows Phone 7 device


Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping your Windows Phone 7 working just the way you want. Learn how to:


• Get started fast! Covers Windows Phone 7.5 Mango release.

• Master Windows Phone 7’s elegant interface and powerful shortcuts

• Quickly set up ringtones, voicemail, Airplane Mode, wallpaper, accessibility, and more

• Connect to the Internet, Wi-Fi networks, and Bluetooth devices

• Get and send messages easily via Outlook, Windows Live, and Google accounts

• Find almost anything with content search, contact search, and Bing web search

• Work seamlessly with OneNote, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and SharePoint documents

• Use Zune and Marketplace to import media content and download applications

• Discover your phone’s built-in apps, and easily pin them to your Start screen

• Store content in the cloud, with Microsoft SkyDrive

• Reach your destination faster with Maps, GPS, and turn-by-turn voice directions

• Use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn social networking via the People Hub

• Capture, store, and share photos

• Track your calendar—including events stored on Microsoft Exchange

• Use the Xbox LIVE Hub to transform your Windows Phone into a great mobile gaming system

Brien Posey is a seven-time Microsoft MVP with two decades of IT experience. Prior to becoming a freelance technical writer, Brien served as CIO for a national chain of hospitals and healthcare facilities.He has also worked as a network administrator for some of the nation’s largest insurance companies and for the Department of Defense at Fort Knox.


Since going freelance in 2001, Brien has become a prolific technical author. He has published many thousands of articles and numerous books on a wide variety of IT topics (primarily focusing on enterprise networking). In addition to his writing, Brien has provided consulting services to clients all over the world and occasionally speaks at various IT conferences.


When Brien isn’t busy writing, he enjoys traveling to exotic places around the world with his wife,Taz.Together they have visited more than 50 countries. In fact, a portion of this book was written during an expedition to Antarctica. Some of Brien’s other personal interests include scuba diving, aviation, and shredding waves in his Cigarette boat.


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