A Memory Between Us
A Memory Between Us
A Memory Between Us
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*Starred Review* High on morphine and with a backside full of shrapnel, brash and handsome Major Jack Novak impulsively proposes to his nurse at first sight. But disciplined Lieutenant Ruth Doherty, who also nursed Jack’s younger brother Walt after his amputation, doesn’t date, ever. She has seven orphaned siblings to support, and no time or money for socializing. Jack, whose besetting sin is his pride and whose downfall is his reliance on self rather than God, determines that he will win her over, regardless of the war, his friend Charlie’s good advice, and Ruth’s continued resistance. Sundin’s second wartime inspirational romance set among the pilots of the U.S. Army Air Force stationed in England during WWII is an exceptional read, building on A Distant Melody (2010), but able to stand alone. A riveting tale based on the real-life adventures of her great-uncle, Sundin’s novel features characters living large under emotional and physical stress, while the setting provides invaluable details and insights into the wartime mindset. --Lynne Welch Can they overcome the past to find a brighter future together?

Major Jack Novak has never failed to meet a challenge--until he meets army nurse Lieutenant Ruth Doherty. When Jack lands in the army hospital after a plane crash, he makes winning Ruth's heart a top-priority mission. But he has his work cut out for him. Not only is Ruth focused on her work in order to support her orphaned siblings back home, she also is determined not to give her heart to any man.

As the danger and tension of World War II rise to a fever pitch, Jack and Ruth will need each other more than ever. Can Jack break down her defenses? Or are they destined to go their separate ways?

From the English countryside to the perilous skies over France, A Memory Between Us takes you on a journey through love, forgiveness, and sacrifice.

"Sundin's excellent grasp of historical context provides vivid details of military life during the war in Europe. This rich tale will delight historical romance fans."--Suzanne Woods Fisher, bestselling author of The Choice and The Waiting

"Sarah Sundin seamlessly weaves World War II aviation history with a deeply emotional romance to continue her fabulous Wings of Glory series. She displays a talent that destines her for stardom in the genre."--Cheryl Bolen, winner of the Holt Medallion, Best Historical Romance

"Fans of historical romance will be captivated by this exciting story. From the first page, Sarah Sundin planted me in the midst of World War II and into the lives of her characters. This captivating romantic ride through the fascinating and horrifying days of World War II is a must-read."--Bonnie Leon, author, the Sydney Cove series and Alaskan Skies series

Sarah Sundin is the author of A Distant Melody. Her great-uncle flew with the US Eighth Air Force in England during WWII. Sarah lives in California with her husband and three children.

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| 5 out of 5 Stars!

I loved this book! All 3 books in the series are wonderful. Each brother and their ladies have fears they must face and conquer. Fears at home, of the past and at war. I learned so much about WWII I never heard in high school history class. These people truly were the greatest generation in building America. The detail of the B-17 Flying Fortress bomber is amazing and the positions these men occupied in the plane while fighting the Nazi enemy was so cramped. You may as well purchase all 3 books at once: "A Distant Melody", "A Memory Between Us" and "Blue Skies Tomorrow." I can not wait until Sarah's next series about nurses in WWII come out!

| 4 out of 5 Stars!

Set in England during World War II, A Memory Between Us finds Major Jack Novak falling in love with his nurse, Lieutenant Ruth Doherty, after he takes a bullet in the backside during a mission over Germany. But Ruth is a tough nut to crack; she fends off all suitors with a heavy hand, and isolates herself while working hard to support her orphaned brothers and sisters in the States. Jack's a determined man, however, and his winning ways at least gain Ruth's friendship over time; her heart is another story entirely.

Jack and Ruth are both wounded soldiers, though it's a wounding of the soul rather than a physical one that keeps both from being honest with themselves. Ruth's desire to help her penniless family once drove her to do things that she now finds shameful, and she cannot believe God will ever forgive her past. Jack has studied to become a pastor like his father and brother, but while he's religious, he's not sure preaching is his true calling. Both Jack and Ruth allow hurt and pride to dictate the present, and both will have to learn to forgive in order to move forward.

This book is well written, though at times I had a hard time following the motivations of the main characters. While the courtship takes place over a year, there were times when the story moved slowly. But when the action kicked in, it more than made up for the slow parts; Ms. Sundin's technical knowledge of B17s and the 8th Air Force was outstanding, and the climax is riveting. This is book two of a series, and I will be looking for the others because of my overall enjoyment of this one.

| 4 out of 5 Stars!

I was delighted to find A Memory Between Us is much different than the thinly researched and even thinner plots which too often pass for Christian romance fiction. Sundin has done a commendable job of providing the reader with a well organized text that's full of rich detail while at the same time not short-changing the delicious nature of romance at its best. Her characters are flawed humans who breathe on the page as they struggle with timeless issues and eventually work their way to solutions that feel both satisfying and real.

Although some may find the large amount of aircraft and details of military procedure a little too heavy, I personally enjoyed the richness this careful research added to the story as dry historical facts that had lain for years on a dusty shelf in my mind, suddenly took on color and life. The air battles could be tasted and felt and the inside of a cargo plane refitted for evacuating wounded soldiers could be clearly seen by my minds' eye. Sandin achieved this while maintaining a good balance between transporting the reader to the time and place of WWII and the romantic relationships which serve as the main thread of the story.

A Memory Between Us is the story of how guilt forces one woman to hide from all relationships--especially those with men. It's also the story of pride and how that sin can blind a man from knowing who he really is even while outwardly holding to Christian morals. As Ruth and Jack work through these personal issues in a time of trial and national crisis the reader is privileged to see character growth as true love is born in the heart of each. There is plenty of romance in this second volume of her WWII trilogy but also a satisfying story that leaves the reader looking forward to the next book.

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