Boxing Stories
Boxing Stories
Boxing Stories
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Boxing Stories free

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"The University of Nebraska Press collections are an important contribution to anyone interested in Robert E. Howard, or just how good pulp fiction can be."—Southwest BookViews (Southwest BookViews )

“Like the Breckinridge Elkin stories, the Costigan boxing tales are humorous…. The stories that come after the ten Costigan tales are dark, savage and bloody, and Howard pulls no punches when he dishes out descriptions of violence.”--Green Man Review

(Green Man Review ) Robert E. Howard (1906–36) lived and wrote in Cross Plains, Texas. From 1924 until his death, he sold hundreds of stories to pulp-fiction magazines such as Weird Tales, Argosy, Action Stories, Fight Stories, and Cowboy Stories. As a twentieth-century American master of fantastic adventure, he rivals Edgar Rice Burroughs. Chris Gruber is a member of the Robert E. Howard United Press Association.

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| 5 out of 5 Stars!

you're missing out! Robert E. Howard was a proflic author of exciting stories, including westerns, swords and sorcery, adventure, and horror. Boxing Stories collects a sample of REH's sports stories, filled with bruising battlers who fight for a variety--but usually noble--reasons. Of note, the collection contains a story that REH regarded as one of his finest 'The Iron Men,' here presented as Howard originally intended.

| 4 out of 5 Stars!

I got this book as an ongoing effort to collect as much of the works of Robert E. Howard as I can. But when I opened it and started reading, I was hooked! These stories are excellent. Short and quick to read, they are full of action, drama, humor, and really place the reader in the world they are set in. If you are a fan of the era, like boxing, or just wasnt a rousing read, I highly reccomend this book.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

Robert E Howard is a legend along with H P Lovecraft for writing hundreds of short stories for cheep pulps and getting hardly any money or recognition for their talent. While Robert E Howard is best known for his Conan stories, fans who look beond are rewarded. Such is the case with this collection of Boxing Stories. The stories are fantastic and completely over the top, and there is a vocabulary Robert E Howard uses skillfuly that will have you cracking up. The fight scenes play out like violent and gory Looney Tunes, and the diologue makes the charecters jump out of the page. Once you read a few of these short storys you'll begin to realise that this is a type of writing to be savored. Robert E Howard literally wrote the book on this type of fiction.

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