Big-Time Sports in American Universities
Big-Time Sports in American Universities
Big-Time Sports in American Universities
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"This is a remarkable book. Charles Clotfelter uses the tools of policy economics (tools that he wields with the best of them) to shed light on one of the most vexing issues in higher education: Why do so many excellent universities devote so much money and attention to big-time intercollegiate sports? He presents surprising facts and original analyses, makes persuasive proposals for change, and delivers the package with an unusual and welcome combination of wit and rigor. This is must reading for university administrators, and flat out fun reading for all who are interested in universities or intercollegiate athletics." - Paul N. Courant, University of Michigan

"Charles Clotfelter has provided a valuable and remarkably well-researched assessment of the role of 'big-time' college athletics in American higher education. Bringing to bear his considerable experience in economic and social policy, he has provided an unusually well-balanced analysis of the pros and cons of including this form of commercial entertainment as a university mission, thereby resulting in a book that is an important and fascinating addition to this highly controversial subject." - James J. Duderstadt, President Emeritus, University of Michigan

"A fascinating, insightful discussion of the arms race that is big-time intercollegiate athletics. Clotfelter clarifies how this parallel universe in large universities exists essentially independent of faculty or administrative control, being instead the creature of powerful self-perpetuating groups of 'boosters.' The convincing, novel demonstration of the role of tax subsidies in supporting these operations should raise every reader's blood pressure." - Daniel S. Hamermesh, University of Texas at Austin

"This book offers an excellent discussion of the role of big-time athletics on university campuses today. Instead of either lambasting varsity athletics across the board or celebrating them uncritically, Clotfelter's persuasive data, thoughtful analysis, and balanced treatment make a strong case for acknowledging athletics as an integral part of life on many campuses and dealing straightforwardly with both the problems and the benefits this entails." - Nannerl O. Keohane, Princeton University, Former President, Duke University

"With his book Big-Time Sports in American Universities, Charles Clotfelter has done those of us who care about balancing the mission of higher education institutions with the impact of high-level college athletics an enormous favor. Providing great insights and careful analysis, Dr. Clotfelter reveals both the rationale behind 'big-time' sports programs at American universities and the consequences - good and ill - that follow. Hopefully, this fresh look at a decades-old (and uniquely American) issue will encourage and guide the on-going reform efforts aimed at finding the right balance in the costs and benefits of big-time college sports." - William Kirwan, Chancellor, University System of Maryland

"Charles Clotfelter offers an original, informative perspective on a question that has confounded scholars of sports: Why are American universities uniquely devoted to providing big-time sports entertainment? This book is crammed with new facts and analysis about intercollegiate sports, and it offers fresh insights into why college sports programs sometimes are out of control even in elite universities." - Roger Noll, Stanford University

"Finally an honest, balanced, sober, well-informed, and highly intelligent analysis of the nature, role, and impact of big-time athletics on American higher education has arrived. Clotfelter's new book, which judiciously deploys an impressive variety of data sources together with expert and original analysis, should be required reading by anyone with a genuine interest in the future of American higher education and the role and impact of big-time sports in the academy." - Harold S. Shapiro, President Emeritus, Princeton University

"If I ever wanted to educate a person who knew nothing at all about big-time sports in American universities (and there are plenty of them out there, namely 6.86 billion non-Americans on the globe, and maybe a stray Martian or two), I would start them off with Charles Clotfelter's book, Big-Time Sports in American Universities.... And, best of all, in addition to Clotfelter's sage comments, the book is replete with charts and tables of proprietary new research findings wherein he methodically demonstrates correlations, relationships and causations that sagely plot big-time sports, universities, conferences, bowls, administrators, alumni, boosters and media into a series of comprehensible concepts and conclusions that even a stray Martian would understand."

"The book offers plenty of... eye-opening statistics but is perhaps most surprising in its even-handed approach to the subject of major college athletics." - The Wall Street Journal

"Charles Clotfelter, a Duke University professor, proves to be a delightful guide on a quest to answer two questions: Why do so many universities embrace big-time sports? And what are the consequences?.... True to his academic roots - remember, economist - Clotfelter engages in a cost-benefit analysis that goes off in all kinds of surprising directions, particularly when he comes up with his own, often ingenious, ways of testing assumptions." - The Seattle Times

"Charles Clotfelter's book, Big-Time Sports in American Universities, is a masterpiece. It is the seminal work on this topic and a splendid piece of work." - Robert Atwell, President Emeritus of the American Council on Education

"... [This] remarkably well-timed book... is essential reading for anyone serious about understanding why college sports persist and what practical steps could be taken to improve them." - Thad Williamson, Why do so many American universities engage in commercial sports competition? Although it has been a feature of American universities for a century or more, big-time sports has little connection with the traditional aims of universities - research, teaching, and service. This book shows that big-time sports has become an important part of what many American universities do and value, explains its continued emphasis in the face of mounting problems, and argues for an honest accounting of its costs and benefits.

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| 5 out of 5 Stars!

This book, handsomely bound and well-edited, is a timely dissertation on college athletics and the adverse and, sometimes, positive effects of overzealous alumni support and money-grubbing business interests. With the impact of the Penn State scandal still unfolding, this book should be read by anyone vaguely interested in the future of intercollegiate athletics and student-athletes.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

This book is on the Rorotoko list. Professor Clotfelter's interview on "Big-Time Sports in American Universities" ran as the Rorotoko Cover Feature on June 27, 2011 (and can be read in the Rorotoko archive).

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

There are plenty of books about what's wrong with college sports, often in the "ain't-it-awful" genre, and a long article in the latest Atlantic is an indictment of the way "student-athletes" are exploited. Clotfelter's book is a more balanced account: he's an economist and he gives an excellent description of just what the costs and benefits are of big-time college sports, both tangible and intangible. And the book explains how colleges got into the entertainment business in the first place and why they're not likely to leave it any time soon. He doesn't neglect the exploitation issue, and suggests various ways in which it could be fixed (but probably won't be). His analysis has some surprises and I learned a lot.

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