Getting Started with Netduino
Getting Started with Netduino
Getting Started with Netduino
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Getting Started with Netduino free

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| 5 out of 5 Stars!

As others have said, this book is exactly what it says it is. It isn't some secretly expert book that will magically make you an electronics guru. I write this with a sort of mildly sarcastic tone due to the upsetting reviews which essentially say "Hey it was what it said it was and not more! Crap!". Sort of like the people who buy computer parts and complain about compatibility when such things are clearly stated, but I digress.

On to the actual book then.

When I began working with the netduino it was a completely new thing for me. I had never done hardware before, though I was already used to programming in the .net framework in C#. This is is where the book does a good job and can play two roles. If you know C# but not electronic concepts, the book will help. If you don't know C# and electronics concepts, the book can help. Although the book says that some little bit of prior experience is needed, I honestly think one could learn how to use C# with this book. Granted you won't learn how to make a windows program, but you could easily learn how to use C# for netduino things.

I would have loved to have this book when I started out. It's a really good way to, big reveal, get started. The code samples are simple and explained, the pictures are clear and very helpful when show along side the code. The conventions used in the book make it easy to learn because its a very consistent outline.

My final thoughts are this, the book is what it advertises, a book for getting started. You can pick this little gem up, learn the basics, and move on to bigger things. Once you're done with the book you can head over to the forums and try other people's projects or get started with your own cool inventions! If an "expert" is ever needed, there are usually people in chat or on the forums who are happy to help.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

I bought a netduino board, and knowing nothing about it, I naturally wanted a book to help me get started. This was just perfect for that. I was able to combine the firs few projects and end up with a board that allowed you turn a blinking LED on and off by pressing a button. It was a delight to read, and it couldn't have been easier to follow. Kudos to the author for a great little book that does what the title says it does.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

Inside of 85 pages, this guide which follows the format of "Getting Started With Arduino" by Banzi, and which describes an Open Source Platform based upon C# and the .Net Micro Framework called "Netduino", outlines experiments to drive LEDS, a Piezo Speaker, Motors, and finally allow the system to respond to commands via the Internet. The writing is clear and succinct. In this brief tutorial which simplifies its content, it is impossible to appreciate the full power of a platform that allows Object Oriented Programming, as well as Event-Based code, and which permits Multi-threading, Sockets and HTTP access to the Internet. But, after performing these experiments with ease and clear direction the reader is introduced to a powerful Open Source Platform that goes beyond the power of Arduino and for approximately $60.00 in the Netduino Plus configuration offers a more powerful processor, Ethernet connectivity and storage on a SD card. In addition to preparing an experimenter for use of the Netduino family, this guide serves as an introduction to the .Net Micro Framework, and Microsoft Research's even more powerful Open Source Platform: .Net Gadgeteer.

I recommend this book for the hobbyist, and those who desire an introduction to Microsoft's powerful Open Source platform for embedded systems development.

--Ira Laefsky, MSE/MBA IT Consultant and Embedded Systems/HCI Researcher formerly on the Senior Consulting Staff of Arthur D. Little, Inc. and Digital Equipment Corporation

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