The MMA Encyclopedia
The MMA Encyclopedia
The MMA Encyclopedia
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Publisher: ECW Press
Page Count: 608
Format: pdf
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1550229230
ISBN-13: 9781550229233
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The MMA Encyclopedia pdf

Jonathan Snowden, Kendall Shields ebook

"The most comprehensive reference now available on the fights, fighters, managers, and executives defining contemporary mixed martial arts (MMA) and its related commercial industry."  —Library Journal

“If the history of MMA was taught as a college course, Total MMA would be the official textbook used for the class.”  —Sam Caplan,, on Total MMA

“Snowden is undeniably a talented writer who has done his research, and the work here is impressive.”  —Tommy Hackett,

"An exhaustive look at the arts, athletes, promotions and techniques that make up mixed martial arts." —USA Today (June 13, 2011)

"An incredible resource for any fan . . . the book is a treasure trove of MMA stories, people and history. From  A (David 'Tank' Abbott) to Z (Zuffa), all the major players are included with records and recaps of past UFC, Pride and other major events."  —Chicago Sun-Times

"The MMA Encyclopedia is one of the more exhaustive references you'll find on the sport of mixed martial arts I highly recommend the book. Snowden's first book, Total MMA, was one of the better MMA books I've ever read, and this one may be even better."  —Houston Chronicle

"The latest offering from Jonathan Snowden, author of Total MMA, [this is] one of the best and most complete accounts of where this sport came from ever written. Inked in tandem with Canadian Kendall Shields, The MMA Encyclopedia is exactly that: an A-through-Z of mixed martial art, covering fighters, promotions, industry figures and the Just Bleed Guy . . . This is the kind of book that you'll go back to time-and-again."  —Province

"Hundreds of pages jam-packed with so much mixed martial arts history, facts, interviews, detail, and dramatic photography, can leave you with multiple headaches if you read it too fast . . . Take time to enjoy this read, it is a book you will want to read over and over again."  —Ringside Report Jonathan Snowden is a former lawyer, a radio DJ, and a television producer. He is the author of Total MMA, has worked for the U.S. Army and the White House Communications Agency, is trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and the Army Combatives Program, and currently works for the Department of Defense. He lives in Vienna, Virginia. Kendall Shields teaches English at Saint Mary’s University and judo at the Dalhousie University Judo Club. He lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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| 2 out of 5 Stars!

Book is definitely interesting the only problem is the author is incredibly biased, and rather than having an encyclopedia you have "MMA as I see it by Jonathan Snowden". It does have some in depth entries (there is even an article for the Just Bleed guy) but they are ruined by the author putting his own spin on MMA history, skip this book unless its cheap.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

This book covers over 200 of the top fighters of all time, all the major mma organizations, the different disclipines in mma,the different positions, finishing holds, teams,etc. The best thing I liked about this book was the reference pages at the end with all the stats and event results of Pride and the Ufc. I would recommend this book along with Total mma as your starting point in collecting books because in my personal opinon, they're the best.

| 3 out of 5 Stars!

The book is very informative. However but the authors have a very biased opinion on some fighters and some history on the sport. I thought I am reading an ENCYCLOPEDIA, not a book called "MMA - How I See It". There are blatant errors in the book such as fighter records, wrong events and others.

Overall the feeling of reading the book is just mediocre. Obviously the quality of the publisher is terrible if they are missing errors in the information and authors interjecting their opinions aimlessly throughout information. If they want to called it "The MMA Encyclopedia" then it should be unbiased telling of facts and history.

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