Soft + Simple Knits For Little Ones
Soft + Simple Knits For Little Ones
Soft + Simple Knits For Little Ones
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Publisher: North Light Books
Page Count: 160
Format: epub
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1581809654
ISBN-13: 9781581809657
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Soft + Simple Knits For Little Ones ebook

Heidi Boyd ebook

Heidi Boyd is the author of seven North Light craft books, including Simply Beautiful Beading and Simply Beautiful Beaded Jewelry. She is a freelance artist, creative designer and photo stylist, and is also a regular contributor to many crafting magazines.

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| 4 out of 5 Stars!

Overall I think this is a keeper. There are only a few projects in here that I wouldn't want my kids to be seen in. ;-) There are a few pattern mistakes, but nothing that can't be figured out on your own (so far.) I made the cotton babydoll top and matching purse. I was in love with the Mission Falls 1824 cotton from an adorable hat pattern out of Last Minute Knitted Gifts (another keeper), and the end result is just precious. I found some great wooden buttons that work with the earthy texture of the yarn. Love it! I also made the felted butterfly purse to give as a gift. I'm going to stuff it with little girl versions of things we big gals carry in our purses, and I think it will be a bit hit! My daughter would love to keep it for herself, so I'm working on the squirrel tote for her. I also made the stretchy i-cord hat because I happened to have a ball of the yarn called for in the project. The babydoll top took a while, but the butterfly purse I probably knitted and felted in 4-6 hours. Some things could be knit in under an hour, like some hair scrunchies. I like that the projects use a variety of yarns... from novelty to merino/micro/cashmere blend. I have been able to find a lot of the actual yarns called for at the LYS, too, which is convenient. Another keeper with projects for adults is Knit 2 Together.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

It's too bad I didn't have this book before Christmas, or I could have made hand-knitted gifts for all the little people in my life! This book is perfect for aunts and grandmothers (and moms who can multitask!). Like the title says, the projects tend to be very simple, and many are quick to make. My favorites are actually the accessories, like the oh-so clever stroller blanket, hair scrunchies, and bags, because those will be useful longer for fast-growing kids!

The book is jam-packed with so many varied projects for boys and girls of different ages. It is very charming, with outrageously cute photography and encouraging stories from the author about each project. There is a great illustrated section that shows all the relevant stitches, making this book ideal for beginning knitters.

My one word of caution pertains to the toys which, for safety reasons, I think are probably best for older children.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

Featuring more than forty-five delightful and easy-to-make knitted garments for preschool children, "Soft + Simple Knits For Little Ones" by needlecraft and knitting expert Heidi Boyd is an impressive compilation of superbly illustrated instructions and patterns ranging from a Peek-a-Boo Bear Stroller Blanket, to a Fuzzy Bolero Sweater, to an Animal Applique Tote. Enhanced with sage and practical advice on choosing the right yarn, to assembling the required tools, to learn knitting basics, "Soft + Simple Knits For Little Ones" is thoroughly 'user friendly' and an especially ideal reference for beginning needlecrafters wanting to knit a very special garment for a very special little person!

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