The Wolf Worlds (Sten)
The Wolf Worlds (Sten)
The Wolf Worlds (Sten)
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Type: eBook
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
Page Count: 86
Format: pdf
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1841490083
ISBN-13: 9781841490083

The Wolf Worlds (Sten) ebook

Allan Cole, Chris Bunch download

Raised on the factory planet of Vulcan, Sten soon learns about the survival of the toughest. Now he wants more than survival. The Eternal Emperor rules countless worlds across the galaxy. Vast armies and huge fleets await his command. But when the Emperor needs to pacify the Wolf Worlds, the planets of an insignificant cluster that have raised space piracy to a low art, he turns to Mantis Team and its small band of militant problem–solvers. Sten’s destiny is in his own hands. Chris Bunch is a full time novelist. Allan Cole has been a professional chef, investigative reporter, and national news editor of a major West Coast daily paper.

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