Mastering Prezi for Business Presentations
Mastering Prezi for Business Presentations
Mastering Prezi for Business Presentations
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ISBN-13: 9781849693028
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Mastering Prezi for Business Presentations ebook

Anderson-Williams Russell free

Russell Anderson-Williams

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| 2 out of 5 Stars!

I'm not sure what this book it trying to deliver. While some reviewers stated it was filled with great resources for images, I didn't find any mentions that weren't already well known.

An entire section is devoted to encouraging Prezi users to visualize upfront using Mind Mapping. That's fine and I do think Mind Mapping is a useful tool but I was already familiar with it and was buying a Prezi book, not one on Mind Mapping techniques.

I kept reading the book, hoping for some "ah ha" moment but it never delivered. I can't even see using it as a reference manual. I did find the section on designing a template useful. The author provides some time saving tips that one could apply to Prezi, PowerPoint, Word, etc. Other than that, I didn't find the book useful.

| 4 out of 5 Stars!

Prezi is about the visual display that goes into a presentation. To this ends, the book starts with a commendable table of image formats and the benefits and drawbacks of using each in Prezi. There is also an intriguing option for when you want to download an image from the Web into Prezi. This is a tick box that says 'Show only images pre-licensed for use in Prezi'. The author recommends that you should always tick (check to American readers) the box, otherwise you can download copyrighted images that have NOT been approved for Prezi. Apparently, you can still get these, but there is a chance that you will be later hit up for a licence fee from that image's owner. So it is nice that Prezi at least goes through the motions of letting you adhere to copyright protocols.

However, a cynic might wonder how many Prezi users will actually tick the box. What are the chances of getting caught, they might think? And perhaps they are realistic. If you are making a presentation for limited circulation, and which will not be published on the web, this may well be a good assumption.

Prezi also allows the use of audio - infinite loops of background or single runs. Prezi comes with audio converters that can take a Microsoft Windows movie file and convert it to swf, where the latter is what Prezi directly plays.

Like the Adobe software, Prezi uses the concept of layers. You can plan out your images as a collection of layers. Gives flexibility in easily adjusting the relative locations of images in different layers, as just one advantage.

Where the book really gets interesting is in the discussion towards the end about a non-linear presentation. The default is a linear presentation that everyone is used to, especially via PowerPoint. The book suggests strongly that you learn a merits of a non-linear narrative.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

Resources is what I would say was the greatest value in this book. I purchased this 3 days ago and just finished it. The author is an extraordinarily talented Prezi creator and shows a lot of his own work as well as examples of other peoples truly outstanding work. However, what I got out of this was more the resources for finding and editing graphics for presentations. I do a lot with Power Point and YouTube content creation and being able to find audio and graphics and manipulate them on a budget is difficult. Mr. Anderson-Williams gives super easy step by step instruction on this. The second best value was in spelling out the planning process. The big picture. As for the how-to make a prezi, there wasn't much meat and potatoes there but then I think that's because Prezis features aren't that complicated yet. This is, as the sales pitch suggests, how to make your Prezis good. I'll have paid for the book just in the money I save on my next project.

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