Olive: A Global History
Olive: A Global History
Olive: A Global History
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Type: eBook
Publisher: Reaktion Books
Page Count: 125
Format: pdf
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1861898681
ISBN-13: 9781861898685

Olive: A Global History pdf

Fabrizia Lanza free

“A fun, smartly written series appropriate for a popular audience that likes to eat . . . the Edible series books provide level-headed and enjoyable overviews of food culture . . . These will create a little library that any foodie will be proud to show off . . . aesthetically pleasing volumes with decent content that would make good presents.”—Winterthur Portfolio, on the Edible series

(Winterthur Portfolio )

“Lanza’s little Olive book is as trim as the olive itself. . . . Lanza paints an interesting history of olives. . . . This book makes an excellent olive gift to yourself or to all olive-loving friends.”

(Food Site of the Day )

Fabrizia Lanza is a food scholar and the owner of the acclaimed Anna Tasca Lanza Sicilian Cooking School in Regaleali, Sicily.

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