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Goon ebook

Edward Lee, John Pelan free

"..Goon ... From the moment I picked it up, I could not put it down. For hard-core horror fans only." -- Marlene Leach, FUNERAL PARTY

"A raunchy riot of .. ringrats, and no-holds-barred sex.. for fans of over-the-top action and outrageous thrills." -- Lucy Taylor, author of Safety of Unknown Cities and Silence Between The Screams

"Goon's incredibly lewd, leeringly vulgar and totally tasteless but decidedly clever entertainment that can't be beat." -- Paula Guran, DARK ECHO

"This novel.."enthusiastic" and "vibrant", but that others might call, well, sick... You have been alerted." --Wayne Edwards, CEMETERY DANCE The notorious long-sold-out classic of modern horror is back! Overlook Connection is proud to present this newly illustrated edition of one of the most talked-about–and outrageous--tales to ever be penned in the horror genre. --This text refers to the edition.

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| 5 out of 5 Stars!

Ed Lee has done it again and in combination with Phelan,I just sit here shaking my head in awe. Short and sweet (LOL) this book will gross you out and make you smile. Easily on par with The Bighead, I couldn't put it down.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

I'm not a wrestling fan but I enjoyed this book. There's some brutal stuff in here, extreme sexual violence that may turn some people off. If you like this stuff, though, get this book.

The one thing that I had a slight problem with were the illustrations. The cover of the book is awesome but the illustrations are sort of cartoonish. It just made the content of the book less horrifying. When I read hardcore horror, I want to be disgusted or horrified.. but I can't if I get the impression that everything is happening in a sort of comic book world.

Anyway, that's my only criticism. Other than that, its excellent. Buy this before it goes out of print!

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

This exercise in hardcore grossout horror, originally published in 1996, may contain more scenes of carnal grotesqueries in its 138 pages than most horror writers publish in a lifetime. Any effort to do so usually comes off as a pale imitation of these two fine writers, who are kind enough to return us to some familiar territory here as well as introduce some new aspects to the genre that none of have ever imagined before. In this volume, we have the return of Philip Straker (Lee's pseudonym he used on his first two novels and the main character in his novel Creekers), we have the return of PFC Micah Hayes (who also illustrated this edition) and Chief Richard Kinion (another Lee pseudonym), and we have a parody of virtually ever professional wrestler in the business.

The book is about a police officer and a reporter who go undercover as ringrats, or wrestling groupies, to try to catch Goon, a heel wrestler who can take a fatal blow to the head without batting an eye and who may be responsible for the murders of several ringrats. To say more would spoil the story, which may be the most unique piece you've ever read. It may not be Faulkner, or even Stephen King, but it will remain in your mind (in a dark corner filled with memories of other things you will never speak of in certain company) long after you've read it.

Fans of the Lee and Pelan team are encouraged to track down copies of Shifters, Splatterspunks, Family Tradition (especially this one, I can't stress enough), and whatever short stories you can find. Fans of Lee should read anything and everything he's written, especially over the last decade. See also the Excitable Boys anthology edited by Kelly Laymon and Santa Steps Out by Robert Devereaux.

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