Education and the Significance of Life
Education and the Significance of Life
Education and the Significance of Life
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Education and the Significance of Life download

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The teacher probes the Western problems of conformity and loss of personal values while offering a fresh approach to self-understanding and the meaning of personal freedom and mature love.

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J. Krishnamurti (1895-1986) was a renowned spiritual teacher whose lectures and writings have inspired thousands. His works include On Mind and Thought, On Nature and the Environment, On Relationship, On Living and Dying, On Love and Lonliness, On Fear, and On Freedom.

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| 5 out of 5 Stars!

The primary premise of the book is that nearly all of the education system (govt. based, religious based, private) fails the child. These systems educate children to be good at techniques or skills, but do not educate them to know themselves.

Without knowledge of oneself, children will grow to be conflicted between the reality of their true nature, and the constrictions of conforming to civil society or religious doctrine.

An educational system that truly sought to benefit the children would be staffed minded, self-aware adults teach with true love can children learn to know themselves, and so lead dignified, effective lives.

We are far from this vision, but it is worth it for each of us to walk along this path.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

The focus point here is on just what education should produce. At present, it produces students intellectually prepared for their life's journey, but without a clue when it comes to self-knowledge. In fact, in Krishnamurti's eyes, education as it presently is, or at least was in the 50's when the book was written (and I haven't really seen evidence of huge change yet), discourages self-knowledge and focuses on false values, such as financial success and prestige.

The present educational system teaches reliance on authority, on books.

Krishnamurti comes down hard on the nationalistic mode our youth are molded in. This point may be difficult to agree with in today's America, especially in the past year. There has been a huge swing in patriotism since Sept. 11, and this is quite natural. And to read Krishnamurti's pleas to free ourselves from nationalism, from patriotism, may well be difficult.

And yet, if we truly want peace on this planet, loyalty to nation and loyalty to religion are blocks, according to Krishnamurti.

This is a book to read and study, even if you are uneasy with some points. I don't mean that this is a philosophy to pick up on and make the ruler of your life. And Krishnamurti makes it quite obvious that this isn't what he wants. Self-knowledge includes self-rule nd self-responsibility. Even if you, as I did, have a few reservations, this is a philosophy to consider, one which may call for action on your part to bring out a positive change in our educational system.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

Krishnamurti is regarded trained automatons.

Along the way, Krishnamurti offers pointed and thought-provoking critiques of such institutions as organized religion, national identity, and the family. And throughout the book he stresses one of his core themes: a resistance to conformity and mindless obedience.

Krishnamurti has been called a modern-day Buddha, and this book is a rich source of aphoristic statements that radiate with insight. On religion: "Organized religion is the frozen thought of man...." On national identity: "Nationalism is a disease, and it can never bring about world unity." On morality: "Organized religions are much concerned about our sexual morality; but they allow us to perpetuate violence and murder in the name of patriotism, to indulge in envy and crafty ruthlessness, and to pursue power and success."

For both professional educators and general readers, "Education and the Significance of Life" is a challenging work of spiritual and philosophical writing.

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