Food for Fifty
Food for Fifty
Food for Fifty
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Food for Fifty ebook

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For courses in Quantity Food Production and Foodservice Management. THE resource--for over 65 years--for students and professionals in quantity food production and foodservice management. Exceptionally comprehensive, this classic text/reference provides basic technical food production information; offers a wealth of high-quality, standardized, quantity recipes applicable to most types of foodservices; and clearly explains the full range of generally accepted procedures and techniques involved in quantity food preparation. Very contemporary in perspective, it provides a host of "new tools" for helping food professionals and students meet quickly changing dining trends and satisfy the expectations of today's customer.

From the Publisher

For sixty years, for thousands of students, this excellent quantity food production book has carried on a tradition of clearly explaining the full range of procedures and techniques involved in large-scale food preparation. In the Tenth Edition, the tradition continues with coverage expanded to reflect trends in tastes, the growing interest in nutritional values, and the increased call for catering and party service by food service organizations. In addition to basic information, guidelines, and generally accepted methods of food preparation, Food for Fifty, Tenth Edition, includes over 400 fully-tested recipes for everything from main dishes to desserts, plus formulas for staples, guidelines for menu planning, roasting and cooking timetables, specifics of food quality standards, service requirements and table setting diagrams, wine selection guidelines, and recipe/measurement conversion tables.
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| 5 out of 5 Stars!

A Must-Have!

I discovered this book several years ago while working as a hall director for a cooperative living residence hall. The college women who lived there cooked for their fifty housemates. Molt's book was a godsend for us; the instructions were basic, easily understood, and useful. The best aspect of Food for Fifty is the fact that, recipes aside, the book gives excellent tables and instructions for cooking times/weights/quantities beyond the recipes it lists. In other words, it is quite useful when adapting one's own recipes to meals for 50 or 100 people. I have since used Food for Fifty in another food service job, where it was equally useful and well-received. I highly recommend it to anyone, whether you're doing institutional meals, church meals, or simply work with large food quantities on a regular basis. It's worth it!

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

"bible" for serving 100+ young professional musicians/staff.

The tables provided are worth the price alone but the basic recipes are invaluable. They can be adapted to different requirements. Quantities, particularly vegetables, are somewhat conservative compared to what I find needed but the age of the "fifty" (or 100)and their physical activities make a difference. It is the general guides - cooking temperatures/times/specific cuts of meats/yields of purchased bulk versus usuable portion that I find myself referring to over and over. This is also what is missing or reduced in other similar books. I have used a number of the baked goods recipes and find them all to be excellent. Seasonings are very low in most recipes but that is easily remedied - especially spices in the sweet breads and desserts and herbs in most dishes. They need to update that which I hope to find reflected in the newest edition. This book would be a great resource for any type of small catering company, restaurant with changing menu, or institutional food service.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

Excellent information packed pages

The food for fifty book (including previous editions) is an excellent resource for those serious about mass production of food. I have yet to see any other cookbook which has the information on yeilds, recepie conversion and substitutions furnished herein.I have used this book for years (I also have 3 previous editions) and still reference earlier editions for some old favorites that did not make the later editions.The updated nutritional information is an excellent resource for menu planning for almost any institutional environment.Some of the recepies are a little quirky, and a few could use instructions worded more for the layman, but these minor points aside, This volume would make an excellent addition to your arsenal of cooking knowledge and reference.

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