How to Succeed with Women
How to Succeed with Women
How to Succeed with Women
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ISBN-10: 0130950912
ISBN-13: 9780130950918
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How to Succeed with Women pdf

David Copeland, Ron Louis pdf

Offers single and divorced men practical advice on how to find, relate to, and either commit to or break up with a woman, and includes basic dating tips for the 1990s.

About the Author

Ron Louis and David Copeland, established gurus on the subject of intimacy between the sexes, are the co-authors of How to Succeed wit h Women and How to Succeed with Men (both from Prentice Hall Press). Copeland is an acclaimed speaker who leads personal development seminars for men and women across the country. Louis has been researching and writing about gender issues for the past eight years. He is also the a uthor of Sexpectations: Women Talk Candidly About Sex and Dating. Ron Louis and David Copeland have appeared on many TV shows, including To Te ll the Truth, The Roseanne Show, CNN, UPN, ABC, and Fox news. They have appeared on hundreds of radio shows, including the Issac Hayes Show, U SA Radio Network, the Man Cow Show, and the Bill Handle Show/KFI-LA.

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Useful and easy to apply

At 28 years old and never married it is time for a change. I decided last year that I want to be married before I turn 30 (in a year and half). I am an average looking guy living in New York and have worked on Wall Street for four years, doing alright. I am different than most of the guys posting on here, I am looking to get married. I want the long term commitment, not just getting my rocks off. I've dated, used personals ads, joined dating services, etc., none of that stuff worked for me. I've read books by other authors and people like Tony Robbins, John Gray and others, and that stuff was useful, but it didn't get me a woman. But when I read How to Succeed With Women it was a turning point for me. Now, I was really ready for it; like the old expression the teacher comes when the student is ready. I was prepared and ready to go; ready for a Yoda to enter my life. Anyway, I have used this book for six months of hard core flirting and dating and searching for the right women. I have used the Louis and Copeland "method" every step along the way. I have dated well over 25 women in my search for a potential mate and now I think I've found her. Now, I don't want to make this search look easy or infer that this book is the bible, because its not. But what was useful was the plan that the authors set forth. What was useful were the stages of relationships and how they develop. It was useful to learn how to keep a long term relationship last and keep it passionate over time. The authors could have written a bit more on this topic in my opinion. But what they did explain and expond upon was really useful. So, I've learned a tremendous amount from this book that's been applicable in all areas of my life. I am happier since working with their program and have been successful with women more than ever before. Hopefully now I have found someone to settle down with and the search will be over.

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