Final Cut Studio On the Spot
Final Cut Studio On the Spot
Final Cut Studio On the Spot
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Publisher: Focal Press
Page Count: 347
Format: pdf
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0240810104
ISBN-13: 9780240810102
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Final Cut Studio On the Spot ebook

Chris Meyer, Trish Meyer ebook

Trish and Chris Meyer share fifteen years of real-world film and video production experience inside the critically acclaimed Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects. More than a step-by-step review of the features in After Effects, you will learn how the program thinks so that you can realize your own visions more quickly and efficiently. This full-color book is jammed full of tips, gotchas, and sage advice that will help you survive whatever your next project throws at you. Creating Motion Graphics 4th Edition has been heavily revised, reuniting the previous two volumes plus adding detailed coverage of new features introduced in After Effects 7 and CS3 Professional to form one massive, essential reference. The enclosed DVD-ROM contains source footage and project files for the numerous exercises which help reinforce each concept. The DVD also includes over 180 pages of additional information, including lengthy Bonus Chapters on Expressions and Effects.Authored in CS3, also included is access to a free web chapter written for CS4. * Free CS4 web chapter included with the book* Mastering animation through the use of keyframes, motion paths, and the Graph Editor* Blending imagery using alpha channels, masks, mattes, modes, and stencils* Building groups and hierarchies through parenting and nested comps* Extended coverage of type animation, paint tools and 3D space* Advanced subjects such as keying, motion tracking, expressions, and video issues* Includes over 180 PDF pages of bonus content on the DVD* Extensive coverage of the new CS3 features including the Shape and Puppet tools, Brainstorm, per-character 3D text, color management, and more!

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| 5 out of 5 Stars!

After Effects


Advanced After Effects Motion Graphics is for the editor with some AE miles under their belt. It is not really a beginner book, but does start you off slowly with great step by step instruction. However, you will eventually need this book but buy it together with the Meyers' After Effects Apprentice which starts you off in the AE wourld. Any of the Meyers books are just what you need to learn AE. Highly recommended!!

| 4 out of 5 Stars!

Updated and revised for Adobe After Effects CS3

This is the fourth edition of the Motion Graphics with After Effects book Cola Company's Polar Bears. The authors cover the basics of working with 3D animation such as scale and perspective, cameras and lighting. After Effects has some nice default cameras but the authors also teach you how to customize your own, as well as use lighting to illuminate layers, add color casts, cast shadows and project images from one layer onto another.

Besides animating images, you will undoubtedly need to animate text and apply special effects. The authors cover many aspects of these topics including how to replace the background behind the subject of your animation. You can do more in After Effects than animated preexisting graphics. You can also create your own graphics inside After Effects and the authors teach you how to use the shape layers, Brush and Clone Stamp tools, onion skinning and the Puppet Pin tools. Finally, the authors move on to advanced topics such as building complex animation with nesting and hierarchy, adding audio and audio effects and rendering your comp with advanced rendering techniques including Collapse Transformations and Continuous Rasterization.

Both Chris & Trish Meyer have been working in the real world of motion graphics for over 15 years and work at the CyberMotion motion graphic design studio in Los Angeles. They co-authored After Effects Apprentice and write the Motion Graphics column for DV magazine.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

An After Effects "Tour de Force" - Trish & Chris' best AE book yet!


Combining both editions of their prior works in this all-new updated version for CS3, Trish and Chris have outdone themselves yet again in this splendid, comprehensive AE motion graphics masterpiece.

Packed with all-new examples and much tighter, more professional editing than earlier works, this latest from the Meyers is their best work yet. The bonus chapters on DVD are a generous addition, as are all the extras and clean layout of the book.

Compared to their earlier books, this one flows even better, with an astounding array of new content and step it's the best in class for AE books (and I've read 'em all). Wonderful work on this. A++++


Ken Calhoun

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