Art and Design in Photoshop
Art and Design in Photoshop
Art and Design in Photoshop
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Frickhinger is the founder of a specialized pharmaceutical company in Germany and a lifelong student of paleontology. His latest book, Fossil Atlas: Fishes, translated from the German, is a massive work of scholarship. According to the author, fish fossils have not been well surveyed in paleontological reference works. Attempting to remedy this neglect, he visited 60 leading paleontology museums in Europe, Australia, South Africa, Russia, and the U.S. as well as 18 private collections. Taking hundreds of photographs and consulting with numerous experts, he compiled this atlas, which will be of interest to scientists, students, museum curators, and amateur fossil collectors.

The introductory pages include interesting expositions on collecting, photography, evolution, external features of fishes, and systematics. European and English fossil-classification systems differ, so with the help of several experts Frickhinger developed his own system for this book to detail the various classes, orders, and families. The text of the book is arranged in the order of this classification system.

The top of the page of a typical one-page entry notes class, order, and family. A color photograph illustrates each entry, and a caption describes the size of the fish, where the fossil was discovered, and what museum now owns it. Genus information is given with a citation to a printed authority and a list of synonymous names. Geological range is provided (e.g., Middle Devonian, Middle Miocene), geographic distribution is noted, and a features section describes the anatomy of the fossil fish. A remarks section notes miscellaneous facts (e.g., freshwater, predator). Lastly, recent relatives are noted, and a line drawing shows the reconstructed fish. About 900 color photographs illustrate the text. Most cover approximately one-half page, but occasionally a full-page photograph accompanies an entry. Also, throughout the text are small color photographs of living fish. A bibliography lists the monographs and journals cited in entries. Concluding the volume are five indexes: by name, order, formations, localities, and recent relatives.

There are several large reference works on fossils but nothing comparable to this specialized work. The number of entries, organization, and photograph quality make this a significant paleontologic reference that academic and public libraries should consider adding to their collections.

Language Notes

Text: English (translation)
Original Language: German

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| 2 out of 5 Stars!

This is a wonderful book. I would suggest, however, that you should do "cs4 classroom in a book" first, because

some of these techniques are complicated and if you are not familiar with the way photoshop works you might get a bit frustrated. I sat down to do one of the tutorials which was to create a "credit card" (for my 1 year old grandson!). He shows how to create it. I didn't realize that he supplied the pictures, so I created all of it by myself (till my shoulders ached) It was so much work, and I loved it!!! You need to be patient and do the projects slowly and if you get lost there is a short manual of many of the commands in the back. Good luck and have fun!

| 3 out of 5 Stars!

im reading this book cover to cover and learning alot! I'm a graphic art hobbyist. This book details everything about fonts and appropriate usage and provides many useful weblinks to get some. The book is very well written in plain english, but packs valuable information about common graphic arts styles and even includes tons of tutorials to create popular looks. worth every penny!

| 2 out of 5 Stars!

There are plenty of beginner guides to Photoshop, and even a few dozen decent intermediate books. But, sooner or later, you reach a point when you're asking yourself, "What's next?" This book provides the answer. It's filled with techniques and ideas that will have anyone who's mastered the basics of Photoshop creating works of art. If you want to go beyond the simple tools of correction, compositing, and image repair, start here.

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