Educating People to Be Emotionally Intelligent
Educating People to Be Emotionally Intelligent
Educating People to Be Emotionally Intelligent
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Educating People to Be Emotionally Intelligent download

J.G. Maree, Maurice Jesse Elias, Reuven Bar-On pdf

“Bar-On, Maree, and Elias have put together a book that reflects "the rapidly growing global interest in scientifically based applications of emotional intelligence (EI) in education." Although EI has been defined in a variety of ways, the editors focus on five competencies: (1) recognizing, understanding, and expressing feelings; (2) understanding the feelings of others and relating cooperatively; (3) managing and controlling emotions; (4) managing emotions generated by change and solving personal and interpersonal problems; (5) generating positive affect and being self-motivated. The thrust of EI work is to recognize that the IQ has limited value in predicting success and that, to a significant degree, EI can fill the gap....[t]his title will be useful those interested in educational, service, and organizational activities, including the general public. Includes chapter-end references. Recommended. All readers; all levels.”–Choice

“The text has been constructed expertly by a triad of distinguished editors....This excellently written book plainly reveals the salient need for further studies structured well to fill existing gaps in research knowledge in the deeply fissured field of emotional intelligence....The respective contributors to this superbly crafted text are to be commended for deftly painting a revealing picture of emotional intelligence. Their skilled efforts may be a springboard to futher study of EI. Professionals in the mental health field, enveloping psychiatrists, neurologists, psychologists, neuroscientists, and behavioral scientists, should derive great intellectual profit from a close reading of this enriching text. Additionally, persons attached professionally to the field of education, including teachers, special education teachers, school administrators, and school principals, will very likely be quite enlightened by a careful perusal of the books illuminating contents.”–Metapsychology Online Reviews

“Inspired by a reaction to a special issue of Perspectives in Education, contributors (affiliations not stated) synthesize work done in several professions and disciplines on applying emotional intelligence in education. They consider such aspects as its importance, emotionally intelligent parenting, steps in developing a community-based teacher training program designed to educate children to be emotionally intelligent, and the most popular measures of assessing emotional intelligence in adults.”–Reference & Research Book News

“The contributors to this volume are leading experts in the fields of affect, learning, psychological methods, education, industrial organizational psychology, and mental health. This book will prove to be a valuable resource for students, scientists, and practitioners alike as it applies the concept of EI in educational and organizational areas, unveils practical issues and research topics currently dominating the field, and highlights the great potential of emotional intelligence.”–Richard D. Roberts, Senior Research Scientist, Center for New Constructs at Educational Testing Service (ETS) co-author of Emotional Intelligence: Science and Myth

“Two of the most pressing questions confronting the field of emotional intelligence today are, "Can we help people to become more emotionally intelligent? And if we can, what are the best approaches?" This book helps answer those questions and provides the most comprehensive overview to date of what we know about the development of emotional and social competence in children, adolescents, and adults. As such, it is a welcome addition to the growing body of writing on emotional intelligence and related concepts.”–Cary Cherniss, Professor of Applied Psychology and Director of the Organizational Psychology Program at Rutgers University co-founder of the EI Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations, co-author of Promoting Emotional Intelligence in Organizations and The Emotionally Intelligent Workplace

“I am particularly impressed by the way in which emotional intelligence has been explored and articulated in the edited book Educating People to Be Emotionally Intelligent. The authors lay a foundation by defining terms and describing the wide range of empirical support for both the concept and for emotional intelligence training. Building on this foundation, the authors go on to illustrate how emotional intelligence can be applied with different age levels and in a variety of different settings (schools, community training, organizations, mental health and psychotherapy).This book will be of considerable interest to theoreticians and practitioners in many different settings.”–Norman Amundson, Professor and Deputy Head of the Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology at the University of British Columbia and Editor of the Journal of Employment Counseling

“Emotional intelligence is at the root of a healthy family, society and world. It has been the missing piece in solving the problems of school dropout, violence, war, depression, and healthy choices in work and life. Whether you are a parent, teacher, corporate coach, healthcare professional or policy maker, this book will become a must for your library. It provides tools for helping your friendships, family, school, business or government to blossom.”–Eileen Rockefeller Growald, co-founder of CASEL, the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning

“The focus on cognitive development in the interest of improving test scores has dangerously tilted our attention away from emotional and social development. Hopefully this very important book will begin to restore the balance. It will not only help most people understand how healthy child and adolescent development prepares the young for success in school and in life, but also help many understand how to apply emotional and social development principles to all aspects of the child's life; indeed to adult and institutional life as well.”–James P. Comer, Maurice Falk Professor of Child Psychiatry at Yale Child Study Center and Associate Dean of the Yale University School of Medicine

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Brings together the foremost collection of experts writing on emotional intelligence, across areas including eduction, parenting, employment and neuroscience, sharing ideas on the importance of this topic and its application to increase performance in everyday life.

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| 3 out of 5 Stars!

As a Master's Prepared Health Educator and Nurse Practitioner, it was refreshing to learn about tools to measure and guide interventions that address the often forgot health outcome everyone wants - to feel good. I would recommend the book for any professional engaged in this goal.

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