Computer science - an overview
Computer science - an overview
Computer science - an overview
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Computer science - an overview pdf

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For over a decade, students and instructors alike have praised the broad coverage and clear exposition in the leading text Computer Science: An Overview. Glenn Brookshear draws on years of success in the classroom in this practical, language-independent approach to the introduction of core computing science topics. This Ninth Edition provides a balanced, realistic picture of the dynamic nature of computer science by presenting the historical background and the most up-to-date research and trends. It engages students with timely topics like bioinformatics and artificial intelligence, and provides coverage of foundational hardware topics like data representation/storage, machine architecture, and machine language.

From the Back Cover

Introduction to Computer Science


Computer Science: An Overview, Ninth Edition

J. Glenn Brookshear, Marquette University


Do you want your students to gain a fundamental understanding of the field of computer science? Would you like them to be excited by the opportunities computing presents for further studies and future careers?


Computer Science: An Overview delivers a foundational framework of what computer science is all about. Each topic is presented with a historical perspective, its current state, and its future potential, as well as ethical issues for students to consider. This balanced, realistic picture helps students see that their future success depends on a solid overview in the rapidly changing field of computer science.



A language-independent introduction to computer science that uses C#, C++, and JavaTM as example languages. More than 1,000 Questions/Exercises, Chapter Review Problems, and Social Issues questions that give students the opportunity to apply the concepts as they learn them. Discussion of ethical and legal aspects of areas such as Internet security, software engineering, and database technology that brings to light the things students should know to be safe and responsible users of technology. A Companion Website that includes practical exploration of topics from the text, software simulators, and more. Available at


Check the front of the book for the access code that opens up the Companion Website and the valuable student resources for this book. Six-month access is included with all new books.

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| 5 out of 5 Stars!

"An Overview!!!!!!!!"

First, some quick advice to those who found the book too basic or general: read the title if you can't make it to page one of the preface! This book is an overview of computer science. You can't expect it to be "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs" + "Introduction to Algorithms, 2nd ed" + "Principles of Compiler Design" + "C Primer Plus", etc. . . If you're looking for that kind of topic depth refer to books that specialize in certain topics. If the book is too basic for you then you simply shouldn't be reading it. I don't think that's any reason to slam it though.

As for the intended audience (i.e. true computer newbies) this is your starting point. I haven't read the 8th edition and am not sure how the 7th might be improved upon other than perhaps a little more depth in the database section. This book will not teach you how to program in C, how to build a compiler or how to perform a SQL query. It will tell you what you need to know to move onto these and other computer science areas sensibly as well as point you toward the best sources of topical info (i.e. the golden books of computer science) for further study should you wish to make a career of it. This study approach is truly advantageous because you avoid basic computer science knowledge gaps and start with a better framework for topical studies and specilization. If you take the other route (e.g. grab a "learn to program in 10 minutes" book and just 'go at it') you stand to miss details that will come back to haunt you later in your career as you make mistakes yet are uncertain where your knowledge gaps lie.

MIT Comp Sci students typically skip this course and begin with the more technical "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs"- truly a great place to start. For those of you who haven't been immersed in computers for the last half of your lives, this book is your stepping stone, a great foundation and a very enjoyable read. My advice is to start with this book then use its references to explore the computer science topics (i.e. languages, architecture, A.I., etc.) that interest you. You'll start on much more solid ground than those who just 'jump on in' and keep going until they (and their programs) crash.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

A Wonderful Non-Programming Computer Science Overview

This book provides the fundamentals of the Science behind computing and the machines called computers in a down to earth, straightforward, easy to understand manner. An absolute MUST READ for anyone who works with computers and computer science, and simple enough to understand that anyone interested in computers can read it. If you are interested in learning the details of how comptuers work but don't know much about them yet, this is a WONDERFUL place to start as it assumes no prior knowledge and FINALLY MEANS IT FOR ONCE! You can pick up this book having never seen a computer and understand it. It's about time!

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

A good survey--can it help with the GRE/CS?

As noted arts undergraduate required curriculum. The solutions go somewhat beyond answers, unlike the required ETS books (if you can get the old editions). The result should be quicker knowledge for factual questions on the exam, confidence to tackle more of the novel problems, and better discernment on which to leave unanswered.

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