Frommer's Caribbean 2008 (Frommer's Complete)
Frommer's Caribbean 2008 (Frommer's Complete)
Frommer's Caribbean 2008 (Frommer's Complete)
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Frommer's Caribbean 2008 (Frommer's Complete) pdf

Danforth Prince, Darwin Porter ebook

From the Back Cover

Frommer's. The best trips start here.

Experience a place the way the locals do. Enjoy the best it has to offer.

Everything you need to plan your perfect island getaway, with information on the best resorts, beaches, snorkeling, restaurants, and more.

Outspoken opinions on what's worth your time and what's not.

Exact prices, so you can plan the perfect trip whatever your budget.

Off-the-beaten-path experiences and undiscovered gems, plus new takes on top attractions.

Find great deals and book your trip at

About the Author

As a team of veteran travel writers, Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince have produced titles for Frommer’s, including guides to Italy, France, the Caribbean, England, and Germany. A film critic, columnist, and broadcaster, Porter is also a Hollywood biographer. His most recent releases are Brando Unzipped, documenting the private life of Marlon Brando, and Jacko: His Rise and Fall, the first complete biography ever written on the tumultuous life of Michael Jackson. Prince was formerly employed by the Paris bureau of the New York Times and is today the president of Blood Moon Productions and other media-related firms.

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| 5 out of 5 Stars!

I bought this book to get info on a couple of islands I had not visited before. I skimmed it on the plane to San Juan and it was very helpful in guiding me to a few new snorkel sites. I especially enjoyed Long Bay on the west coast of Antigua. The sand and water were as described in the book. I found the book quite accurate in its descriptions and would recommend it to others who are looking for short summaries of places in the Caribbean.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

After determining a travel destination, my first step is to consult the U.S. State Department's Consular Information Sheet on the country. My second is to get the latest Frommer's book. They have never failed me, I can always count on the advice, tips and information. Very well formatted, all the information you need is easy to find and always accurate.

| 3 out of 5 Stars!

Disappointed bottom:0.5em;">

We used this book on our recent trip to three Caribbean destinations and were generally disappointed. Misleading and missing information cost us significantly. Some specifics are:

- In Saint Maarten, we learned upon arrival that many shops and restaurants accept U.S. cash at a 1:1 ratio to the Euro. This represented a 28% savings at the time we traveled. This information could have saved us a bundle if we had brought cash instead of relying upon credit and the local currency.

- The Saint Maarten chapter states "most visitors use taxis to get around" and "the taxi drivers' union strictly enforces a law that forbids anyone from picking up a car at the airport". This prompted us to not reserve a car in advance. At the airport, we found a wide range of car rental agencies, but went for the taxi anyway. After one day, we learned that having a car was mandatory (in my opinion) due to the high cost of taxis ($30 one way from airport to Orient Beach), the distance between sites and the lack of reasonably price restaurants near our mid-priced Frommers' recommended hotel. We ended up reserving a car through the hotel and paying a higher rate than we would have with an advance reservation.

- In the Dominican Republic chapter, the $50 US cash only round-trip taxi from La Romana airport to our beach hotel (a 15 minute ride) wasn't mentioned. This is the standard rate as confirmed Frommers states that at a hotel they recommend in La Romana, free upgrades are given on a first-come, first-served basis during the low season. Though we would later learn the resort was about half full, we were assigned what had to be the worst room in the house. $600 later, we were upgraded, after finding no other way to resolve the problem.

One important purpose of a good travel guide is to help avoid unpleasant surprises. This book failed us in this area.

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