A Dictionary of Marxist Thought
A Dictionary of Marxist Thought
A Dictionary of Marxist Thought
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A Dictionary of Marxist Thought ebook

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"A remarkable editorial achievement. The book can be confidently recommended as a fair and informed account of the community of Marxist positions." New York Times Book Review

"An invaluable aid in identifying the key terms in Marx's own work and distinguishing their force in Marx from the uses made of them by later writers." Times Literary Supplement

"Bottomore and his colleagues have done a remarkable job ... At last I can look up the transformation problem, the Second Interantional, or the Aiastic mode of production without digging through half a dozen books for a half-remembered reference." Charles Tilly, University of Michigan

From the Back Cover

This book, part dictionary and part encyclopedia, aims to provide the user with a clear but scholarly guide both to the basic concepts of Marxism and to the individuals and schools of thought whose work has contributed to forming the body of Marxist ideas since Marx’s day. It is designed to be of use both to those who encounter Marxist conceptions in the course of their own studies and to the many people who want to be informed about a theory and doctrine that has played, and continues to play, a major part in shaping the present-day world.

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| 5 out of 5 Stars!

"Marxist Thought" is arranged alphabetically by subject/topic and it thoroughly compiles theories, names, authors, terminologies, etc. that are, or have been, significant to Marxism. The bibliographies that trail each article are *excellent* reading lists towards expanding on the concise topical descriptions provided by the book and, in this sense, the book is extremely useful as a directory. The articles can run several pages or several paragraphs, they are well written, meticulously sourced, and intensely focused. This is a useful and practical book for anyone exploring the vast textual side of Marxism.

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