Visual Basic .NET Power Coding
Visual Basic .NET Power Coding
Visual Basic .NET Power Coding
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Visual Basic(R) .NET Power Coding is the experienced student's guide to mastering advanced Visual Basic .NET concepts. Paul Kimmel saves readers time and money by providing thorough explanations of essential topics so you can quickly begin creating robust programs that have fewer bugs. He also demonstrates important concepts by using numerous real-world examples that include working code that has been tested against Visual Basic .NET 2003.

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Visual Basic® .NET Power Coding is the experienced developer's guide to mastering advanced Visual Basic .NET concepts. Paul Kimmel saves readers time and money by providing thorough explanations of essential topics so you can quickly begin creating robust programs that have fewer bugs. He also demonstrates important concepts by using numerous real-world examples that include working code that has been tested against Visual Basic .NET 2003.

After a brief review of language idioms, Kimmel moves to more advanced techniques that help programmers solve their most challenging problems. Central to advanced development and deployment are chapters on security, Web services, ASP.NET programming, COM Interop, and Remoting. This book also covers thin client programming, which offers businesses a real solution to managing deployment and upgrades with Windows Forms using Reflection and HTTP. An appendix walks readers through migrating Visual Basic 6.0 applications to Visual Basic .NET. A companion Web site includes the complete downloadable source code, extensive reusable examples, and updates from the author.

This book can be read cover-to-cover or used as a reference to answer questions faced by experienced VB .NET developers, including:

Chapter 4: What can you do with Reflection technology? Chapter 6: How can you safely incorporate multithreaded behavior into Visual Basic .NET applications? Chapter 8: How would you serialize objects and implement Remoting for distributed projects? Chapter 14: How do you return an ADO.NET DataSet from a Web service? Chapter 18: What are the best practices for securing Web applications?

Visual Basic® .NET Power Coding empowers developers to exploit all the advanced features of Visual Basic .NET.


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| 5 out of 5 Stars!

A Must Read For ANY Developer Wanting To Learn VB.NET


To start this book review I can only say one thing ... this book is AWESOME! I actually sat
down and read the whole book in just over a week. I couldn't put it down. The way Mr. Kimmel
writes will keep your attention GLUED to each page as you read and learn about Visual Basic
.NET programming advanced topics. His sense of humor comes shining through in his examples and
writing. It is a book that I could just not put down. I'd come home from work, grab a bite to
eat and it was off to the reading room for me. I spent many a night this past week staying up
late because I didn't want to close the book for another night.

Mr. Kimmel did what a lot of books have tried to do, but in my opinion have come up short on
all too many occasions. He started out in Chapter 1 explaining the differences between Visual
Basic 6.0 and the new, improved Visual Basic .NET programming languages. He drilled down into
the changes more than any other book I have read and made it so easy to understand the
differences. This is also something that he did throughout the text. This was to give the
reader a look back at the Visual Basic 6.0 language and then explain how it works now in the
.NET world. That is something that many books have tried to do, but in my opinion, Mr. Kimmel
NAILED the explanations to the barn door. He made is so easy to understand the VB.NET language
now and the advanced features that are available to us as developers.

I have spent the past three years teaching at the Community College of Aurora as an Adjunct
Instructor in the Computer Sciences Division. I have had the opportunity to teach Visual Basic
6.0, Advanced Visual Basic 6.0, and Java programming languages. I have read and used many
different textbooks in my tenure. Going forward, I'm going to be telling my Visual Basic .NET
programming class students that this is the book they need to read after they have finished
their Advanced VB.NET book. The textbooks that are available for instructors are all fine, but
I believe that Mr. Kimmel's book will be a much higher benefit to my students who are serious
about learning VB.NET and the power that it now has. I have already contacted some of my
previous students who are Visual Basic .NET developers and have advised them to get their own
copy of this book.

My favorite chapters are 10 & 11, ADO.NET and Advanced ADO.NET. In my years of developing
projects I have done A LOT of database programming, as most of us have. I found that ADO.NET
is a subject that has MANY, MANY different books written about it. Most are very intricate and
very technical, which is good for some people. For the rest of the folks out there, it's best
to get a GOOD grounding in the basics before moving on to the heavy technical stuff. I believe
that Mr. Kimmel found the secret of how to give us that understanding of ADO.NET that we can
now go forth and build upon.

That is how I feel about the entire book. There is enough technical expertise to keep the hard
core developers interested, but at the same time there is a good balance of information for
folks who are just stepping out of a college level advanced VB.NET course who are looking for
a good reference book to help them get a better understanding of VB.NET. Mr. Kimmel covers
Visual Basic .NET like no other author I have found yet. Very concise information is shared in
the pages of his book. There is no "fluff" that you find in some books. No, not in this book.
He drills into Visual Basic .NET like no other author that I've read thus far. I feel very
enriched mail from Mr. Kimmel just a
short time after sending a thank you note to the publisher's representative who donated this
book to the Denver Visual Studio User Group, Denver, Colorado, where I selected this book for
a review. I was shocked when I opened my e-mail and I saw the address being Mr. Kimmel's. When
I opened the e-mail what I found was a gentleman who can only be described as an individual
that I hope to keep in contact for years to come. He had a genuine interest in me as a person
and a developer. We have shared a few e-mails since then and I sincerely hope that he will
consider revising his book and writing a 2nd Edition for Visual Basic 2005. I know that there
are going to be many upgrades, changes, additions, subtractions, etc. that are accomplished by
Microsoft and I would really appreciate it if Mr. Kimmel could be the one to lead the charge
as the new technologies are released. He has such a tremendous understanding of the
technologies and how to put them into words that makes it easier for us developers to
understand and then use the knowledge that he shares with us to help build our foundation on
which we build our empires of knowledge.

Thank you to Mr. Paul Kimmel for writing such a true work of art for those of us who are mere
students of Visual Basic .NET and who seek the wisdom of the Masters! I truly believe that
this book could be considered a book written by a Master of Visual Basic for the Ages!

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

Finally, beyond the basics!

As a professional programmer with almost 2 years experience with the .NET framework, this book is a breath of fresh air. Finally, a book on .NET that goes beyond the basics and shows some of the more advanced and interesting capabilities of the framework.Highlights for me include a discussion on value and reference types, delegates for multithreading, reflection, attributes, COM interop, remoting, custom components (including UITypeEditor) and implementing Extender Provider controls (like the ToolTip control).I discovered many details of the framework that had eluded me. For example, did you know that all value types inherit from the ValueType class? how to add custom properties to all controls on a form? or how to use COM interop to provide a smooth path for the migration of VB6 application to .NET?On the down side, the chapters dealing with the subject of ADO.NET, which is itself in need of a few advanced books, only describe the more basics aspects of the technology. Also, there is no chapter on XML. Overall though, Kimmel does an excellent job of putting together a wealth of advanced subjects in a compact package.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!



There are endless books for beginners trying to learn .NET. This book is for people yearning for more. His discussing on Asynchronous operations is worth the price of the book alone. So is his discussion on No touch deployment. If you want to take your VB.NET knowledge up a level, this is the book for you.

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