Closed Circuit Television
Closed Circuit Television
Closed Circuit Television
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Publisher: Newnes
Page Count: 275
Format: pdf
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0750657286
ISBN-13: 9780750657280

Closed Circuit Television ebook

Joe Cieszynski pdf


"The definitive book on the subject for the installation sector"Gerard Honey, independent installer and consultant"Either as a basic guide to video technology or to be used as a comprehensive guide to CCTV this book will find a home on many bookshelves; if you are involved in video work either mainstream or not, then you will find this a good read."Lighting & Sound, January 2005

Book Description

A definitive guided to the technology of CCTV including systems installation, design and maintenance.

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Closed Circuit Television
Closed Circuit Television

Joe Cieszynski

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