Home Networking for Dummies
Home Networking for Dummies
Home Networking for Dummies
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Publisher: For Dummies
Page Count: 410
Format: pdf
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0764588494
ISBN-13: 9780764588495
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Home Networking for Dummies pdf

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As home networking technologies become more affordable and more popular, this new edition of a bestseller introduces readers to the basics of home networking Walks readers through sharing printers or an Internet connection across several computers and explains how game consoles, televisions, and stereos can also be networked Discusses all of the important aspects of having a home network, including planning and installing the network, security, and maintenance This new edition covers Windows XP Service Pack 2 (a significant update for security, compatibility, stability, wired and wireless networking, and broadband changes) and pays special attention to the Windows Firewall Topics include choosing and installing hardware, file sharing, sharing an Internet connection, security, Wi-Fi, and network maintenance

From the Back Cover

Integrate a Vista PC into your existing XP network

Share the Internet and work more efficiently from anywhere in your home!

Ready to become the administrator of your own home network? This bestselling guide has been fully updated to walk you through all the newest options in wired and wireless networking. From planning to installation to maintenance, all steps are explained in plain English to help you connect computers, share files and printers, and lock out any snoops!

Kathy Ivens, Senior Contributing Editor for Windows & .NET Magazine, has been a computer consultant since 1984. She has installed hundreds of corporate and private networks.

Plan and install your network

Configure computer sharing

Manage users and profiles

Make your network secure

Retrieve data when disaster strikes

Connect other devices to your network
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| 5 out of 5 Stars!


This book does exactly what the title implies, it shows how to network your home computers. The hints about cabling and the well illustrated directions for installing hardware made it impossible to fail. I had a home network up and going in about an hour, and since then I carried this book to friends' homes and installed their networks. You could start a business with the help of this book.

| 1 out of 5 Stars!


This book is very simplistic. It covers basic topics and not in a logical order. In other words, this is not a how-to book. I was specifically looking to gain an understanding of neworking a home computers with a broadband Internet connection. This book could offer no help and had only one paragraph on routers (which wasn't very helpful). If you are just trying to understand what a home network is about then maybe this book will be helpful, but this will not help you set up a network.

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