Photoshop Elements 3 Solutions
Photoshop Elements 3 Solutions
Photoshop Elements 3 Solutions
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Publisher: Sybex, Inc.
Page Count: 366
Format: pdf
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0782143636
ISBN-13: 9780782143638
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Photoshop Elements 3 Solutions download

Mikkel Aaland pdf

Mikkel Aaland's Photoshop Elements Solutions is the classic, best-selling guide to Adobe's popular image editor. Like Photoshop Elements itself, this book is only getting better. This latest edition is extensively improved to reflect reader feedback and thoroughly expanded to cover each new product feature. With all-new practical examples and stunning color images, this book illustrates the software's true capabilities and helps you achieve a higher level of expertise. Mikkel Aaland is a professional photographer and well-loved author, as well as an advisor to Adobe's product development team. The CD includes over 100 practice images plus time-saving utilities and tryouts of useful plug-ins.

From the Author

I've spent several months thoroughly updating my book to reflect the changes in Photoshop Elements 3. In addition to carefully re-working old procedures, I've added over 20 new step-by-step tutorials that take advantage of completely new features, filters, and tools such as the amazing Healing Brush. I've also written an entirely new chapter titled "Advanced Digital Photography Techniques" that delves deeply into the world of RAW data and the Photoshop Elements Camera Raw plug-in. The chapter includes a novel procedure using Photomerge to extend the exposure latitude of digital cameras along with a great technique for turning an ordinary photo into a dramatic drawing.

The book also includes extensive material on Photoshop Elements 3's new Organizer-a feature available only to Windows users. The Organizer is a morphed version of Photoshop Album, previously a stand-alone image management program. Integrating the two programs was a challenge, and Adobe pulled it off beautifully (Mac users get the benefit of an improved File Browser-and a lower retail price for the program.)

It's my hope that anyone using Photoshop Elements 3 who wishes to get more from his or her digital images will greatly benefit from my book. As always, I welcome reader feedback, so feel free to send me your questions and comments at the email address included in the book. I'll try and get right back to you. Enjoy!

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| 4 out of 5 Stars!

Could have been a 5


Overall decent book but could be a 5 star if it had just one more chapter and some 'theory'. I want to know why/how the tools work not just be told to click here, check this and select that. The examples are great but when trying to do similiar things with your own work not knowing the basics can sometimes really slow you down.

I was quite suprised to find little to no organized help on some of the basics. i.e, what is feathering, hard or soft brushes. I still can't figure out how to use the 'Color Changer'. Scattered thru out the book are some detailed basics but they are hard to find.

The overview says the book has 'extensive coverage' of the Organizer, it should read 'getting started' with the Organizer. A 5 star book would suggest ideas on how to organize using Tags and Collections.

Now to the good....I have learned a lot and found the book very helpful. All of the examples are real world and quite realistic. If you are totally new to working with graphical editing on a computer I would not suggest this book.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

A Must Have!


Mikkel Aaland's Photoshop Elements 3 Solutions is a must have companion book for Adobe Elements 3.

His book has easy to understand large color illustrative before & after photographs detailing how each tool, option, or effect works. These are also included on the CD which comes with this book, a wonderful teaching tool!

He walks you through the tasks step-by-step helping one to easily grasp all that Adobe Photoshop Elements 3 has to offer.

Screen captures of dialog boxes, throughout this book, from the program also help you to see the exact settings used to achieve his results.

The highlighted notes which appear in their own boxes are an extremely valuable source of information!

Mikkel's vast knowledge of Adobe's Photoshop will get you up to speed quickly and easily. Before long, with the help of his book, you'll be fluent in Elements 3 and will be turning your digital images into your own masterpieces. I highly recommend his book!

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

Mikkel's Done it Again

Step-by-step techniques covered in this book explain the new Elements 3.0 features including the Healing Brush, RAW support and improved Red Eye Removal.

The technique for combining images using a Gradient Mask is one of the neatest tricks I've seen in a long time.

The book is chuck full of color images and all of the example files are on the CD.

The book also explains how to set up your preferences to take advantage of the software.

The book skips all of unnecessary simple stuff and gets right down to the meat of program including coverage of the Organizer (formally Album).

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