Resilience at work
Resilience at work
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Resilience at work ebook

Deborah M. Khoshaba, Salvatore R. Maddi download

According to a recent issue of the Harvard Business Review, more than experience or training, it's a person's level of resilience in the face of stressful circumstances that will determine whether he succeeds or fails. Resilience at Work gives readers the courage and determination to face stressful problems instead of denying or avoiding them. Readers will learn proven techniques for:* Increasing positive attitudes like commitment, control, and challenge, while decreasing those of isolation, powerlessness, and threat* Developing patterns of support based on giving and getting assistance Luckily, resilience is not simply an ability one is born with, but a skill anyone can learn and improve. Resilience at Work gives readers the motivation and tools to work constructively and remain hardy through difficult situations, and turn stressful changes in the workplace into golden opportunities.

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| 4 out of 5 Stars!

Another Stress Book


The negative effects of stress have challenged people for a long, long time. For years, psychologists have endeavored to offer advice and assistance to those coping with personal and professional issues. For obvious reasons, many counselors, consultants, and trainers have focused on managing stress at work. Employers want smooth operations without the potential serious consequences of stress-induced problems. Careers have been destroyed individually and collectively-could function much differently. What I found was another book on stress. Others may see some new ideas, but I've read a lot in this field so my expectations are probably higher than the average reader.

The text is organized to explain resilience-essentially having the inner strength to cope because you're doing a good job at managing change. The authors describe this as developing hardiness, the foundation of their Hardiness Institute. The book reports on a 12-year longitudinal study of employees at Illinois Bell Telephone. The stress of all the change over the years caused the departure or failure of two-thirds of the workers. The survivors practiced effective stress management techniques. The keys they promote include approaching change as a challenge, developing sound problem-solving strategies, resolving conflicts, and building commitment.

Readers will find an abundance of case studies that make points for the authors, teaching techniques and offering examples to stimulate thought.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

Learn hardiness from the master


RESILIENCE AT WORK shows how to learn the core elements of hardiness that Salvadore Maddi identified in his classic research project at Illinois Bell Telephone twenty years ago. Maddi and Khoshaba explain that "the key to resilience is hardiness," and then show readers how to develop the three core hardiness attitudes:
* commitment
* control
* challenge

To these. they add two vital skills: transformational coping and social support.

RESILIENCE AT WORK reflects decades of practical experience teaching hardiness skills in corporate settings. Many real-life examples illustrate the points. A concluding chapter provides companies with guidelines for improving worker resiliency.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

Finally, a self-help book that is relevant to our times!

What a great book! In today's difficult times, being a resilient person is probably one of the most important things we should develop and this book shows you how. I especially like that it is written in a clear cut manner with case study examples. This book will help anyone who has trouble bouncing back from life's adversities and teaches strategies to successfully handle stress. A most helpful and interesting read!

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