Idolising Children
Idolising Children
Idolising Children
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Publisher: University of New South Wales Press
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ISBN-10: 0868409324
ISBN-13: 9780868409320

Idolising Children pdf

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"Informative, provocative, and practical...developing the skills outlined in The Entrepreneurial Engineer is a necessity for a productive engineering career."
—Raymond L. Price, William H. Severns Professor of Human Behavior Director, Illinois Leadership(r) Center, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"I believe that The Entrepreneurial Engineer has the potential to change the landscape of what engineers learn and do."
—John R. Koza, former CEO and chairman, Scientific Games Inc. and Consulting Professor, Stanford University

"Dr. Goldberg provides the road map for engineers of the future to stay at the front of the wave by learning to think more like entrepreneurs. . . Consider this book your survival handbook for the rest of your life."
—From the Foreword by Tim Schigel, Director Blue Chip Venture Company

Entrepreneurial times call for The Entrepreneurial Engineer

In an age when technology and business are merging as never before, today's engineers need skills matched with the times. Today, career success as an engineer is determined as much by an ability to communicate with coworkers, sell ideas, and manage time as by talent at manipulating a Laplace transform, coding a Java(r) object, or analyzing a statically indeterminate structure.

This book covers those nontechnical skills needed by today's entrepreneurial engineers who mix strong technical know-how, business and organizational prowess, and an alert eye for opportunity. Author David Goldberg unlocks the keys to ten core competencies at the heart of what entrepreneurial engineers need to master to be effective in a fast-moving world of deals, teams, startups, and innovating corporations. You'll discover how to:Feel the essence-and the joys-of engineeringExamine personal motivation and set goalsMaster time management and organizationWrite fast and well under pressurePrepare and deliver effective presentationsUnderstand and practice good human relationsAct ethically in matters large, small, and engineeringAssess technology opportunitiesUnderstand teams, leadership, culture, and the organization of organizations

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