Chainsaw lumbermaking
Chainsaw lumbermaking
Chainsaw lumbermaking
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ISBN-10: 0918804124
ISBN-13: 9780918804129
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Beth Erickson, Will Malloff ebook

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| 5 out of 5 Stars!

Good book from a great guy


I knew Will very briefly 40 odd years ago in Mendocino, his book is no BS. He was making good money at that time 4 cutters per minute.
4. Be realistic about how big the trees are you are going to cut. There would be something to be said for starting small, with a powerful mid-sized saw (a Husky 385/395 for instance), a two-foot roller tipped bar, and a three foot mill. Get your feet wet so to speak, learn a lot on small trees, and save a lot of money. And it's always better to run the shortest bar you can; big bars and long chains are a load on the saw, and boy do they cost a lot, especially the two-enders. Then make an informed decision about whether you really want/need/can lift a really big saw.

This is something you only want to get into if you love wood, how it smells and looks fresh cut, are very patient and careful, and have some valuable trees that can't be milled any other way.

Why doesn't somebody reprint this book, it's now over $60 on used market? Most useful book on chainsaws and milling that I've ever seen.

And as for the Chunky Monkey guy, he's right, he should never touch a chain saw, a mill, or probably even go near a tree.

Since this book is out of print and too expensive used, try, or your favorite book download site -- there is a good pdf floating around on the web. And if you get it, and use it, contact Will at his site on LinkedIn, and ask him for an address where you can send him a $20 bill. He paid $22K to have book printed in 1982, got a total of $16K total back, cost him thousands just to publish the book, and now he doesn't own the rights.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

chainsaw lumberjacking at its best!

I don't need a 1,000 words to describe this book. The author is a man who has worked with the problems in the field, which this author knew little about except for the troubles involved. We never had really top-class equipment. This book is worth the price charged now for just his insight on chain design and sharpening alone. With the notes in this book one can save his saw, his equipment and get the job done much more quickly than if you do not have his notes and observations. I find the points of the author well arranged and most useful for our purposes. Thank you,Mr. Will Malloff! If you are out there we would like to hear from you!

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

Sawyers Are Raving:

With the publication of this book, Malloff has done a great service for anyone in need of an accessible, comprehensive single volume summary of the mechanical and technical means for converting trees and logs into beautiful, figured, seasoned, edged, strong and stable, furnature grade, dimensional lumber. Beginning with a fresh re-examination of the tools and techniques employed in felling, limbing, bucking, slabbing, edging, end-grain treating, stickering, drying and milling, the author presents all the tricks and techniques currently employed milling. Quite rare and worth its weight in gold. A delicious read!!!

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