Afro-Bets 1 2 3 Books
Afro-Bets 1 2 3 Books
Afro-Bets 1 2 3 Books
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Afro-Bets 1 2 3 Books pdf

Cheryl Willis Hudson free

Bulgarian GM Delchev takes a new look at his Sicilian repertoire. After a short pause, in 2008 he returned to his pet line, the Taimanov system. The result of his work is this Second edition of The Safest Sicilian.
Delchev proposes a sound yet aggressive approach, based on the following move order: 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.d4 cd4 4.Nd4 Nc6 5.Nc3 Qc7. As Black, it is extremely difficult to get a playable position without accepting extreme risks. This book deals with reliable positional systems which will serve you for many years, without having to update your opening knowledge every two weeks. This setup is especially effective against the dreaded English attack. The author is one of the world's leading experts in that field and his recommendations are based mostly on his own games. Without hiding back his secrets, Delchev reveals many new ideas and novelties in his pet line. The authors pay also attention to White's deviations from the Open Sicilian. There are chapters about 3.c3, 3.d3, 3.Nc3, 3.b3, 3.c4 and other rare lines. The book features a new form of presentation. Every system is examined in a separate part which contains three chapters: "Quick Repertoire"; "Step by Step"; "Complete Games". You start with the "Quick Repertoire". You'll find there all the vital information that you need to start playing the variation. "Step by Step" chapters follow the usual layout of Chess Stars books with main lines that branch to sub-lines. Finally, every part ends with "Complete Games".

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