The Official Guide for GMAT Review
The Official Guide for GMAT Review
The Official Guide for GMAT Review
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The Official Guide for GMAT Review pdf

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The only study guide with 800 real GMAT? questions?and their answers-by the creators of the test.In addition to the questions and answers, this guide features:* NEW diagnostic section that helps you assess where to focus your test-prep efforts* NEW organization of questions in order of difficulty to save you study time* a comprehensive math review covering the topics tested on the GMAT? exam (arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and word problems)* approximately 270 Analytical Writing Assessment topicsThe Official Guide for GMAT? Review, 11th Edition contains 800 retired GMAT? questions, with thorough explanations. Answering questions that have appeared on the GMAT? exam before will give you experience with the types of questions that appear on the test. This Guide will help you learn what you need to know to answer the questions correctly.

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| 5 out of 5 Stars!

I was initially intimidated by the size and the range of question difficulty of this book. It made me wonder if I could ever be ready for the test. But it turned out to be the best prep book among all that I used. There are conceptual reviews and explanations for answers. There is also a pool of essay questions, but I believe that it’s only about 90% complete now because GMAC is constantly adding new questions to the pool. For people who know the concepts well and just need practice questions, this book itself or along with the other official GMAT guides (for verbal and quantative reviews) might be enough. But for others, it’s better to supplement the official guide(s) with a prep book from Princeton, Kaplan, or others. I personally used Barron’s, and you can see my review for that book here on Amazon. Finally, contrary to some reviews of this book, there are NO incorrect answers. In my opinion, I probably wouldn’t have scored above 700 if I hadn’t used the official guides.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

770 - Essential Resource


After 3 months of study, I just took the GMAT last week. This is my first and only attempt at the GMAT-CAT. In fact this is the first standardized test I have taken in 12 years. Overall I am happy with my score (770 Q51 V44).

The only study materials I used were:

- Official 11th Edition
- Official Verbal Review Guide
- Official Quant Review Guide
- Official GMATPrep Software (sent to you once you schedule your test)
- Manhattan GMAT Guides (reviewed for techniques only)

The three official books are the absolute bible for sample problems. I am a firm believer in quality over quantity. I NEVER did any problem that was not provided official problems.


- First master all the problems in the printed official guides (11th, Verbal Guide, Quant Guide). NOTE: Getting the correct answer is not the same as "mastering" a question.

- Any problem you miss or find changing, repeat many times (even after you may have memorized the answer). Keep repeating the problems, until the basic skill is fully understood.

- Keep accurate records every time you do a problem (correct / incorrect, easy / challenging / stuck).

- Focus on core concepts. In truth, the GMAT tests very few concepts, but will use these simple building blocks to construct an unlimited number of tricky problems. Know the core concepts, become aware of the tricks, and the rest is timing.

- Only once the printed materials are exhausted (took me about 2 months), then you should "graduate" to the GMATPrep software. This should be used mostly for developing timing skills. In the end, you need to gain the confidence to flex your time during the actual test. You should be able to answer simple questions quickly, so you can invest more time in higher value problems.

This book is not a problem solving technique book. You will not find tips and tricks. Basically this is book should be considered a "question bank". In the quantitative section it will provide the questions and an answer key...period. For the verbal section, it will provide very useful detailed explanations of the correct answers. If you are you looking for a book on techniques, I would recommend the well organized Manhattan book set.

Bottom-line: you need this book for any serious attempt at the GMAT.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

An absolute must for any GMAT Prep

This book, coupled with the Official GMAT Verbal and Quant Review Guides ( Very, very discouraging!!)
Powerprep Test 2: 750 (One day before my GMAT)
Powerprep Test 3 (Reinstalled): 760 (with some repetitions from Powerprep Test 2)
GMAT: 750 (Verbal 40, Quant 50)

My GMAT Prep consisted of lots and lots of practice, analysis of my practice test results, and noting down where I erred, and making sure that I did not repeat my mistakes.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

A Must Have


The secret for the GMAT is practice and stamina.

For my own preparation, I used The Princeton Review, Kaplan's Book and ETS' The Official Guide for GMAT Review.

I will go through the advantages and disadvantages of each, and explain why The Official Guide for GMAT Review was the best of the three and why you should give it more time than the others.

- Good review sections (both quantitative and verbal)
- Practice tests similar to the GMAT
- Online tests are easy to review
- Provides you with a test strategy on how to crack the questions
- Explicitly advises you to practice also with The Official Guide for GMAT Review
- Does not explain why a choice is wrong
- Not enough practice questions

- Good quantitative review sections (appendix was great)
- Interactive software for reviewing the Kaplan GMAT strategies
- Practice tests similar to the GMAT
- Practice tests and sections are difficult, this creates in you a sense of urgency
- Plenty of practice questions
- The software interface is old and slow, you are left to work with a little box on the screen
- Practice tests and sections' answer choices are not very well explained
- The questions are far fetched and do not fall in the spirit of the GMAT, this might lead you the wrong path

The Official Guide for GMAT Review:
- More than plenty of practice questions
- You might get the same or similar questions on the GMAT (like I did)
- The practice questions are organized Free PowerPrep software that has two practice tests exactly similar to the GMAT in look and feel (free online tests at the mba dot com website
- The practice questions reveal actual GMAT test patterns
- Absence of test taking techniques
- The skills review sections are poor
- Only the last 200 questions in every practice section will be like the ones you will see on the GMAT (unless you perform poorly)

This Official Guide from GMAC should be the cornerstone of your preparation, simply because the questions are from past tests and are very thoroughly researched. This will allow you to develop insight into the test mentality.

Equally important the correct and the wrong answer choices for each question are explained in detail. You will learn the various ways used to lead you in error and consequently, you will develop the feel to spot and eliminate wrong answers.

The rules of grammar on which the GMAT Sentence Correction questions are based are best outlined in this guide. I had a lot of difficulty with the Verbal section until I read through the explanations here.

Overall, this book shows you all the tricks of the GMAT. I did not have bad surprises when I took the actual test; it seemed that I had seen all the questions before.

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The Official Guide For GMAT Review
The Official Guide For GMAT Review

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