C. O. Dickerson | 4 out of 5 Stars!

Thank goodness for Amazon reviews. The first Vince Flynn novel I had ever heard of was Pursuit of Honor recommended by Glenn Beck on his TV program. However, reading through the reviews prior to download not only alerted me to the plethora of preceding Flynn novels, but suggestions by more than a few about even more satisfaction derived if you read the earlier works first.Why not I agreed.I started with Term Limits and here I am at Executive Power five Flynn page turners down the road.I just love this series.Mitch Rapp lovers again will not be disappointed.For Flynn aficionados, you know he doesn't have a dull bone in his body.However, there is a jungle rescue where he outdoes himself.There is even a Mitch Rapp style counter part on the "other side" and a suspenseful battle of wits that is very intriguing. I couldn't give this book that pesky fifth star only because I felt the ending to be a bit truncated.Yes, the epilogue was tidy and satisfying, don't get me wrong.I just felt it was a tad chopped at the end.Other than that, first time Flynn'ers, you're in for a treat.But if you're the type that enjoys total immersion of the serial kind, I recommend starting at the beginning as one of the terrific reviewers suggested for me five Flynns' ago.It has given all of his novels a uniquely satisfying flow I have been so glad to experience.I now have only five more Flynn's I can't wait to read before I actually get to Pursuit of Honor still waiting patiently unread in my Kindle.

S. Gartner | 4 out of 5 Stars!

I liked this book.No problems with seller.Don't understand why I have to waste my time with these reviews.

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